Trifecta Ragnarok Online

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less RNG,
better experience.

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About Trifecta Ragnarok Online :

Trifecta Ragnarok online is a free to play friendly, PVE focused server. Our donation item are cosmetic only, no stats.

Our goal is to keep a comfortable and balanced experience based on many different official servers.

Server Information :

- Max Level/Job : 200/70
- Max Status : 130
- Max ASPD : 193
- Rates : 50x/50x/50x
- Normal Card Rate : 1%
- MVP Card Rate : 0.5%
- Party Share Range : 30
- Server : Renewal

Episode : Appear, Illusion! (17.1)

- New Quests : Participate in main story line quests, and custom quests!
- Costumes : Many costumes are available, both free and paid. Costume enchants are available too!
- Refine : Blessed ores allow you to refine without worrying about breaking the item!
- Monsters : Custom monsters have been added for more variety!

All Class Updates :

- KRO Classes : All class skills are up to date with the latest KRO skill updates. Including the Warlock class update!
- Custom Class : We also have a custom class, Dark Knight. This class is based off of RO DS, RO tactics, other media unrelated to RO, and our own personal touch. Give it a try on April 10, 2020!


- Days : Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays
- Hours : 21:00 to 23:00 GMT+2

Custom Enchants

- Official Enchant Upgrades : To reduce RNG, we have implemented an enchant upgrade system. All enchants start at level 1, and can be leveled up to 10!
- Random Option Enchants : They're not so random any more! You are able to choose which random option you want when enchanting(this only applies to enchants via NPC).

Download :

Downloading our full client will not require any additional KRO files.

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