Current Server Status

Fixed hell inferno and frost misty. They now behave as they are supposed to, as per the warlock job update. Hell inferno is an AOE multi hit attack, and frost misty is a ground target, AOE spell that inflicts the misty frost debuff.

The release and elemental ball update will come later on.


Old wind whisper now also increases damage dealt by diamond dust and earth grave
True Celia card now also increases damage dealt by diamond dust and earth grave

Old magic stone hat now also reduces the cooldown of earth strain
True Kathryne card now also increases the damage of jack frost, chain lightning and earth strain

This is just the first round of equipment adjustments for warlock and sorcerer. I plan to bring them back to their elemental exploiting goodness soon.


Fixed the ATK% stat multiplier, it's now using the official formula, which is an increase to physical damage VS class. It was previously using the unofficial rAthena multiplier, which was a separate multiplier. This means that ATK% should now affect dragon breath, and I'm now keeping an eye out on the damage output of that build.

Added mutated white knight and mutated khalitzburg knight cards to OGH

Fixed a few item errors

Date Modified : 05-23-20


Added EDDA Biolab.

Our version is a bit different from officials. The first main difference, is that our version doesn't have dialogue, since I don't have a translator to help with that. So it'll be similar to cor mission.


The second main difference, is the add phase on the last boss, I was having troubles with the walls, so I didn't finish it in time. I'll get that working a bit later on.

I will add more polish to the instance a bit later on.


And the most important part, the loot; The boss does not drop anything, instead, a chest appears at the end, and the whole party can receive the materials. The boss also does not drop a weapon chest. Instead, you can purchase any weapon you want outside the instance with the instance materials.


Each mob has a 5% chance to drop additional materials.

The materials are also character bound, so please keep this in mind.


Each enchant initially costs 25 of each material, and 10 additional materials to upgrade the enchant.


EDDA Biolab was added to the warper under instances.


Fixed Lux Anima rune


Removed the weapon requirement on the Fallen Angel skill


Fixed Dark Knight's SP regen


A few minor fixes have also been applied


New class shadow sets have been added to the shadow trader NPC in the market.
Full list can be found here:
Katar shadow set was not included.

There were also a couple changes made to the sets.
The boomerang shadow earring now reduces the cooldown of axe boomerang by 0.2 * refine level.
This change was made to add more variety to axe boomerang builds, since before they needed two supplement parts dex in order to function well. Now they only require one and the shadow earring.

The other main change was the breath shadow sets. Instead of having a fire set and a water set, I merged them together. Their set bonuses have also been merged.

All of the rough stone refiners (dietrich for example) will now purify your shadowdecon ore and zelunium ore.

Removed fafnir mask from the event shop.

Added a slot to fafnir armor

Added fafnir mask and fafnir skin as a drop on bone detale(abyss lake 4)

Fafnir skin new effect:
MaxHP and MaxSP + 10%
Additional MaxHP and MaxSP + 5% if the user's VIT is 108 or higher.

Fafnir mask new effect: MaxHP and MaxSP + 500

Combo effect:
Atk + 40
Additional Atk + 60, if the users base VIT is 108 or higher.
MaxHP and MaxSP + 250
Additional MaxHP and MaxSP + 250, if the users base VIT is 108 or higher.
Additional MaxHP and MaxSP + 1000, if the users base VIT is 120 or higher.
If the user's VIT is 120 or higher, increase dragon breath and dragon breath water by 20%


I guess I forgot to back up the news. Oh well.

I did a fresh reinstall of the server's OS for today's maintenance. So we're going to be missing the wiki for another day or so.


There are also a few issues that are being worked on, be sure to check in the announcements tab in the discord for more info.

If there are any issues, please message me, or post in the bugs channel.

Date Modified : 04-24-20