12/11/19 Update ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Added skill reworks for Kagerou/Oboro, Rebellion, Super Novice and partially for Warlock.

There are some known issues:

- Shadow warrior only increases the damage of Kunai splash, when it's supposed to also boost Kunai Explosion,Cross slash and swirling petal

- Super novice is missing one new spell due to client compatibility issues

- Two of the new super novice skills do not appear to be leveled, however, their effects work perfectly, and use up skill points properly, this is also a client compatibility issue.

- Warlock is missing the reading spell book, Release and summon elemental ball update

- Warlock's Hell inferno is not an AOE spell yet, however, the damage formula is updated

- Warlock is still using freezing status, instead of Frost, however, freezing can now be applied to any enemy, and nothing can resist it


Dancer now has the humming buff properly applied, it is now 10x stronger than before, giving up to around 400 hit rate. (This is not official, I buffed it of my own volition.)


Rogue's raid skill was buffed to match comet's new magical intoxication debuff. Raid now makes enemies take 50% increased damage for 20 seconds, just like Comet. The effects DO NOT STACK.


These updates are based on the KRO job improvement project, links below:





10/11/19 Update ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Added shadow equipment for all jobs. They are accessible from the Shadow Trader and Shadow Broker in paramk.

Please note, that these are temporary, and will be incorporated into the custom class quests as they're finished. Mage and Thief classes need to do their class quests to obtain their first job shadow gear. The quests are located in their respective guilds.


Added Survivor's shoes to angel slayer

Added Survivor's orb to Demon Slayer

Added Geffenia Ice Magic Tool to the event shop

Added Garden of Eden to FancyMcHat


Added Okolnir dungeon. This dungeon can only be accessed through the warper There are a handful of secrets to getting certain monsters to spawn.


Buffed the dancer skill "Humming" It is now 10x more powerful than it was previously.

Soul links can now be casted on yourself

The Soul Reap skill no longer requires souls to cast


The Halloween event has ended, however the NPC trader will be available indefinitely, so you can trade in your tokens when ever you want.

Major Update

The notes from October's updates are now available. Please click read more on the bottom of this post for more info!


It adds the halloween event, the initial implementation of Rudus, bug fixes and more!


Be sure to join the discord server for faster news.

Major update

Implemented some server side changes that should reduce lag spikes.

If you still experience lag, please let me know.


Added Magma dungeon 3 and Glast heim Abyss dungeons.

Currently, you must access them by walking through magma dungeon 2, and speaking with Hugin's follower outside of old glast heim. They will be added to the warper later.


Added Angel Slayer and the Angel slayer shop It's currently quite bare, but it'll become more populated as we go.

Added the initial implementation of the Wing specialist and Wing enchanter.

You're able to enchant FAW and Archangel wings now.

FAW has it's normal iRO enchants available Archangel wings have similar enchants, but instead of normal stat enchants, it has blessed stat enchants.


Fixed Morse cave, and removed the quest requirement to enter.

This instance still takes a long time to complete, make sure you don't AFK for too long, or it will kick you out for inactivity.


Fixed a handful of bugs.


Sharpshooting is now affected by critical damage equipment and cards


Sura is now fully updated


Some mob skill levels have been reduced due to the skill update. If there are some mobs I missed, or that you would like me to review, please suggest it in #suggestions