Scheduled Downtime

On Friday, the server will be down for up to 24 hours. I'm going to be migrating the server to a new host, and transferring the domain name could take up to 24 hours.


The server will be down during migration process to prevent dataloss.


If the server comes back up early, I will be posting an announcement in discord, so make sure to join the discord to stay posted.


Updated jobs based on the most recent job improvement notes.

Unless noted, the updates will follow this post:


Royal guard and Sorcerer did not get updated yet

Some custom adjustments were applied as well, the following skills are different from the notes:


Sonic wave kept the previous damage formula

Ignition break kept the previous damage formula


Only the cart tornado and cart cannon updates were applied

Shadow Chaser:

Can now plagiarize and auto shadow spell Dark Bolt

Can now plagiarize and auto shadow spell Blackout

Can now reproduce and auto shadow spell Curse Spike

Can now reproduce Drain


Poisons have not been fixed yet

Cross impact kept the old formula

Dark claw kept it's old duration


Flash combo now applies combo damage


Sharpshooting kept it's old AOE pattern


Dark knight changes:

Darkbolt: Added 0.2s cooldown

Blackout: Added 0.2s cooldown

Minus Strike: Reduced cooldown by 0.1s (0.2s cooldown now)

Massacre: Triggers off of Chaos(Darkness was removed)

Dark wave: Base damage increase, INT plays a larger role in damage

Chaos: Reduced base damage, Added a status effect that gives some physical skills extra effects or damage,doubled range(still a melee skill), Chaos effect(gap close, effect isn't removed)

Punishment: Base damage increase, Chaos effect(Damage boost)

Bloodcrush: Base damage increase, doubled range(still a melee skill)

Guillotine: Shadow veil damage increase, Chaos effect(2 additional hits)

Deathblade: Removed "Darkness" status, Base damage increase, Scourge hit count increased, Chaos effect(skill hits more times)

Hellimpact: Base damage increase, Chaos effect(2 additional hits, effect isn't removed)

Lifetaker: Shadow veil damage increase


Bug fixes:

Fixed safety pendants and badges

Fixed Stefan card not going into the shoes slot

Fixed the skill tree on baby rebellion



Added an MVP point shop

Added Noblesse, Imperial and grace sets to the event shop

Added two new custom shields - Sura Combo glove and Rogue's Buckler (These equips will help with their lackluster damage in certain builds)



Added Angel's Wish as a drop to wish maiden (This item upgrades your cursed knight's shield or bloody knight's shield to the next stage. You must have it equipped to upgrade, and it will keep all cards and refines.)

Fixed the unknown item issue on two items that king poring drops

Added costume poring beret as a drop to king poring

Added custom cards to the level dungeon normal monsters

Removed the +50% comet damage on Gefenia ice magic tool

Removed the LUK requirement on mask of darkness


General gameplay:

Added the initial implementation of an MVP point system (Any over world MVP you kill will give you MVP points, any level dungeon MVP you kill will give you MVP points, and upon completing some instances you will gain MVP points. More instances will be added later, I just wasn't able to add this system to all of them this week)

The following instances will give MVP points:

Cor Mission - 1 point

Demon God - 4 points

Devil Tower - 1 point

EDDA Biolabs - 1 point

OGH - 2 point


AGAIN PLEASE NOTE: more instances will be added to this system later. The point gain is based on the number of MVPs in the instance. You also must complete the instance, and speak with the reward NPCs at the end. For example, the treasure chest in EDDA bio lab, or Nydhogg in Demon God.

MVP points are account wide. This means all characters on one account will share their MVP points.


The critical damage modifier nerf is applied. The critical attack rate multiplier is half as effective as before


Added DPS dummies in Prontera (these will tell you how much DPS you're dealing every 5 seconds)
Added another healer to the dummy area
Added two reset NPCs to the dummy area

Date Modified : 06-27-20

Current Server Status



Combined the event shops into one shop

Added a point converter which exchanged event coins, angel blood, demon points and poring points into #eventpoints Slayer events now all give #eventpoints

#eventpoints are account wide Adjusted the cost of event items, they will be more expensive than demon slayer, but less expensive than poring slayer. These values are now reflective of what the events current give

Adjusted a few crafting recipes in fancy McHat (only one middle headgear requires a young twig for example, and it's other components were reduced.) Moved Ruff officer, spell circuit, amistr beret and general helmet to the event shops




Fixed the Dark Monastery enchanter and item crafter (was missing racing cap stat enchants and soul reaper and star emperor racing caps in certain options)

Fixed costume stone II enchanter

Added new recipes to "Advanced Forging 1st edition"

Increasing the proc chance on Star Gladiator's Miracle buff.