The following instances are now on a global cooldown timer:

Airship Assault

Charleston Factory

Devil's Tower

Ghost Palace

Morse's Cave

Sky Fortress

Currently, with most of the list instances, you can leave and re enter as many times as you want as long as the instance is still up.

However, with airship assault, once you leave, you're locked out.

All of those listed instances will reset at 00:00 server time, which you can check by typing @time.


Added Glastheim Abyss and Magma dungeon 3 to the warper. They were already in game, but they were not accessible through the warper until today.

Added a new quest costume NPC, this NPC will be in charge of converting your quest headgears into costumes.

For example, if you have angel wing ears, you can trade them for costume angel wing ears.

Currently, it only has angel and evil wing ears for trade, but it will be expanded upon later.


Added Lunar Rainbow to the event coin NPC


Added Fatalist to the Bios island token trader


Added temple of the demon god cards


Fixed the issue with the flattery robe and abusive robe enchanter, you may now pick your enchants again.


Various background updates.

Current Server Status

adjusted the cost of illusion enchants.

Armor: The initial cost was increased to 40, but the upgrade cost has been reduced to 5.

Weapon: Cost has been reduced to 20.


The cost for crafting the illusion goibne helm and illusion goibne spaulders has been adjusted as well. It now costs 10 wootan defender shields for the helm and 10 lightning stone fragments for the spaulders.


Odin 4 and einbroch 3 mobs now have increased drop rates for angel's blessing and dynite ores, to closer reflect the official drop rate, and the rates of our server.

On our server, the drop rate was previously set to 5%, it's now 20%.

Officially, it's estimated that the drop rates of the ores and dreams are between 7.5 and 10%. However, if it's 50x, it would be set to 100% drop rate, so I took some liberties to reduce it.


When more concrete drop rates are provided, it will be updated again.

Lux anima rune has been fixed(mostly, it does not autocast storm blast right now)

Dark claw's duration has been corrected, it's now 10 seconds

Cross ripper slash is now using it's official formula and cooldowns

Fafnir armor was added to angel slayer

Okolnir dungeon was made to be more similar to a regular dungeon, the mini bosses spawn on their own now.

The duration of combo windows has been increased (this makes it easy to use monk's combo attacks, or star emperor's solar burst for example.) Some skill tool tips have been updated, if some are not correct, or I missed some, please let me know.

Date Modified : 03-18-20

Emergency Maintenance notice

Alright, got things sorted out temporarily. Lux anima rune was causing the issue, so to get things back online quickly, I temporarily disabled it while I get things working again.

The server is back up and good to go.

Current Server Status

There is currently a crashing issue, I'm working to resolve it now. As a result, the server will be down for a little while.

Sorry for the inconveniece.