Current Server Status

Hey, welcome to Trifecta RO.

This server is currently going through a massive restructuring, and is going to be completely rebalanced from the ground up. That means, all classes(including fourth jobs), all equipment, and some mobs. The classes are going to be rebalanced in a way to bring back what I believe to be each class' main traits, and make them more prominent. Instead of taking the KRO approach of making every class a DPS. Tanks will primarily be tanks, supports will primarily be supports, etc. With that said, a lot of the skills are going to be recoded and have their damage formulas changed to fit this ideal. On top of this, there will be a massive damage crunch, so players will not be running around dealing billions of damage.

There will also be a skill culling as well. Things that are not necessary, were created for the sole purpose of being bloat, or are unusably bad will be removed and repurposed on other custom classes instead. For example, all of the blacksmith forging abilities will be combined into one.

To those of you who are interested, the test server is available to any one, and can be downloaded from the downloads section on the website. Just keep in mind that this is a work in progress, and is no where close to being finished.

The server is still running like normal, and will be available like normal during this long process. However, because of this, updates and fixes will be slow.

The server WILL NOT BE WIPED through this transition, since the server is currently in a "live" state, and not a beta state. All progress will be carried over once the changes and upgrades are completed.

To those of you who may be new, the main way to get in contact with the community and I is through discord. As long as your account is older than a few days old, you're eligible to join. I'm there most of the time to answer questions you may have before joining.

Another note to those of you who may be new; I removed MVPs from the overworld, and created an instance (Yuno Magical Library) where you can kill and loot any MVP you want up to 10 times per day. This instance can be accessed through the warper by selecting:

Warper->Instances->Yuno Magical Library

Thank you for your interest in Trifecta.

Date Modified : 05-05-22

Current Server Status

There will be a quick maintenance this Sunday, 03/01/21. Around 20:00 EST.


This will be to fix a handful of small bugs, and add the additional aloot pages to the settings NPC.


For the next few months, I should be able to work on the server a bit more, and I'm going to be working on the low rate server as the main focus for a little while (for those of you who are new here, this is just an additional server on top of the mid rate. The main server isn't going any where). If I need another break, I'll post another announcement about it when that time comes.


Since I've been away for a while and haven't been keeping on top of things while I was on break, if I miss a suggestion that I confirmed I would do, or I missed a bug, please let me know after the update on Sunday in the #suggestions or #bug-report channels in discord. I'll try to be thorough though.


Date Modified : 12-29-20

Host issues

There are currently pretty severe disconnect issues going on right now, I believe it to be an issue with the host, so there's not too much I can do to resolve it at the moment.


We have been in touch with the host, and a server migration will be scheduled on the 18th to hopefully sort out the lag issue, as well as these weird disconnects.


I'm not sure how long this issue will last, so I'm going to leave it down for the night and hope things are sorted out tomorrow. I'll probably leave it down until I finish Sunday's maintenance, and put it back up around 21:00 EST.


Character and account backups have been taken, so there should be no risk of data loss at this point.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Current Server Status

There was a small update today

Added Illusion Underwater, and equipment quests

Alphabetized the warper

Reduced the weight of Oridecon and Elunium (there will be an iteminfo patch later, for now, it says 20, but it's actually 10.)


If you run into any problems, please let me know.