Current Server Status

- Names may not contain hate speech, or racist language

- Guild names may not contain hate speech, or racist language

- Players may not use hate speech or racist language against others in game, or in the discord. Regardless of who it is directed towards, and where ever they may be

- Discrimination of any kind will result in one warning, the next occurrence will result in a temporary ban(Length of this ban is subject to the severity of the case)

If the problem persists, the offender will be permanently banned

- Attempting to bot, or abuse an exploit will result in a ban

- Using macros to automate farming will result in a ban

- Bugs must be reported upon discovery Any case of bug abuse will result in varying degrees of punishment depending on the severity of the bug Repeat offences will result in a ban

Reporting a bug without abusing it intentionally will NEVER result in a ban

- Buying or selling items and/or in game services for real life money is forbidden, and we will not be held responsible for out of game trades made while this rule is in place.


Rules may change without notice, please make sure to keep up to date

Date Modified : 2020-06-12