December 2019 Updates

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December 2019 Updates

Post by thomas » Tue Dec 17, 2019 8:07 pm

Added Odin's Past, Abyss Lake 4 and Einbroch dungeon 3

Our enchants are going to be slightly different, as usual. They cost more, but you can choose them and upgrade them.

In the case of the new dragon armor from abyss lake 4, there is only one type of enchantment material, and it will include all options for all 3 gear types.

You can find the Odin and Abyss enchanters in Hugel, in the house to the left of the @go position
And the Einbroch enchanter just outside of the dungeon, on the scaffolding.

Each new floor is only accessible through the warper at the moment.

Arms cannon and cart cannon behaviour has been fixed
Varetyr spear's cooldown was fixed
Ring of spirit king's bonus was fixed

Disguise and find the poring now have fewer rounds and mob spawns, and are less spammy (the spam text is gone.)
The tool dealer NPC will no longer show the buy/sell window, and has a sell option at the bottom of the list

Room of consciousness no longer has a level cap

Level dungeon exp past level 175 has been halved to encourage leveling in the newer dungeons.

This update will bring a modified version of the guillotine cross job update, a custom Shadow Chaser mini job update and the brilliant light accessories.

I'll list all of the changes I will have made to the skill update. If you want more info on what it is by default, you can find the info here:
GX update changes:
Soul destroyer will not be able to crit, however it will never miss

Cross ripper slash will have a 2 second cooldown, and also keep the current damage formula
The rotation counter will not be reset though

Cross impact will not crit, but will never miss, and use the old formula
It will have it's updated skill behaviour where it jumps to the target

Poison weapon will not be updated

Any thing not mentioned is updated officially

Shadow Chaser mini update:

Back stab will now have 3 range instead of 1, to make the skill more comfortable to use

Intimidate will no longer teleport the target and the user, The user will now jump to the target and deal damage
The skill will always be treated as a close range skill, and will not consume arrows(It will use the element of the equipped arrow if using a bow)
If equipped with a 1h sword or dagger, it hits twice with reduced damage, and if equipped with a bow, it will deal increased damage
New damage formula
90* skill level * (baselevel/50) if equipped with a bow
30* skill level * (baselevel/50) if equipped with a dagger/sword
10* skill level * (baselevel/50) with other weapons
Ignores def and will never miss

Fatal Menace will never miss, and at max level, the AOE is increased to 7x7

Triangle Shot will no longer have a cast time and will never miss

Raid will also no longer require the hiding state, and have a slightly increased AOE range, but now has a 5 second cooldown