January 2020 Updates

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January 2020 Updates

Post by thomas » Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:49 pm

Bio 5 MVPs now spawn naturally, However, they do not drop tombstones because they are not spawned normally. They are spawned through a script. The MVPs have a 100 minute respawn time, and a random one will spawn. The timer is only active after killing the MVP, so multiple MVPs will not spawn at the same time.

Updated MCA (OCA coming later)

Added Survival Circlet to Fancy McHat

Updated NPC text on the biolab enchant and blessed bro

Updated skill text on Lava Slide and Volcanic Ash (the skills were working correctly according to the KRO updates. The ability to use Lava Slide outside of battle is client based, and I can not adjust the behaviour right now.)

Shining teddy bear is now holy 4 instead of neutral 4

Survival manteau and orb now have a combo effect

Crimson Rock has an updated skill formula (now has RE_LVL_DMOD(50); instead of RE_LVL_DMOD(100);. (The official value has not been revealed yet as far as I know, and it will be updated when the info is available/when I find it.)

Ranger Shadow shield should now properly reduce the SP cost of the skill

Fixed the GX and SC class updates. Due to crashing issues, intimidate has been reverted to it's original functionality. It will be updated to it's new functionality at a later date.

Vicious mind weapon reroll feature has been added.

Endless cellar is now available. It's slightly south of Endless tower.

Eyes of illusion are now available in the demon slayer shop.