May 2019 update

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May 2019 update

Post by thomas » Thu May 30, 2019 12:50 am

Sorry for the announcement drought, I've been doing things behind the scenes for a bit.

Added Charleston Enchants, however, they are not official enchants, and have been reworked to work with the upgrade enchanter.
Charleston enchants have been added to the upgrade enchanter.

You can now trade demon slayer points for event coins.

Added Archangel wings and Rasen Fuma's orb to the event shop.

Wing specialist has been added to the market place, this NPC will be used to upgrade the archangel wings into different types of wings, including fallen angel wings, and some custom edits to existing wings.

Added item preview to the style shop in the market. PLEASE NOTE, you may use this NPC to try on ANY equipment in the database, and some items may not be properly implemented. To avoid disconnections, please only use item IDs that you know. I haven't gone through and tested every single unimplemented item, and I don't plan on it.

There should not be too many issues with missing sprites, however, if you do experience a problem, please go to the control panel and do the following:
Go to my account.
In the account page, click your affected character.
At the top of the page, click Reset Looks.

The equipment questline in the level dungeon has been temporarily disabled, and is being reworked.

Level dungeon exp quests have been redone and now follow the same accept/turn in system as the other exp quests.

Freebies NPC has been redone. It now gives a chest which contains the chosen unity set, as well as your chosen weapon.

Illusion moonlight and illusion vampire mobs have custom skill sets now. The rest of the illusion dungeon mobs will follow shortly.

Preparing to adjust the quest requirements for illusion dungeon equipment, it should be adjusted soon.