August 2019 Update

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August 2019 Update

Post by thomas » Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:51 am

All recent skill changes:
Removed gemstone requirement for safety wall
Updated Spellfist to 16th anniversary: Max level 10, 3 x skill level hits
More skills will be updated at a later date

Equipment changes:
Changed certain UPG items into Magician items
Changed the effect and name of Black Rabbit's hat(now Magician's hat)
Changed the effect of Necromancer's hood
Changed the effect and name of Minstrel's Hat(now Sage's Hat)
Added Gram Peony(custom)
Added Books of Magic(custom)

18682,Teardrop - agi +1, Flee +30
18536,Foxtail - MATK +20 reduce fixed cast
5596,Four_Leaf_Clover_in_Mouth - ATK +10, MATK +10, mdef +2
5362,Ninja_Scroll - MATK +5%
5305,Pirate_Dagger - ATK +5, ASPD +5%
5548,Scarlet_Rose - Max SP +30, MATK +3%, ATK +3%
18678,Leek_In_Mouth - Reduce damage taken from small monsters by 5%
5377,Gentleman's_Pipe - Reduce damage taken from Demihumans(players included) by 5%
5462,Spiked_Scarf - ATK +30, maxHP -5%
5463,Rainbow_Scarf - MATK +30, MaxSP -5%
5483,Odin_Mask - Reduce damage taken from Demihumans(players included) by 10%

Added new Mage custom class quests
These quests are meant to be an additional tutorial, exp source, and gives unique equipment to help with leveling up
The new Magician gear will be given out through these quests

More job quests will be released at a later date
Fancy McHat:
Updated the npc to use Euphy's quest shop system instead (The whole thing is much easier to read)
Added many new middle and lower headgears
Removed slotted angeling wing ears, evil wing ears, and black frame glasses from the normal crafting method
Added a way to slot middle headgears(The wing ears and glasses were added here)

Demon Slayer:
Added new middle and lower headgears

Event Shop:
Added new middle and lower headgears

Added new monster drops:
5421 - Ifrit's Ear - Ifrit Drop
18759 - Wood Goblin's Nose - Wood Goblin Drop
18845 - Banshee Master Kiss - Banshee master drop
18616 - Long Tongue - Phreeoni Drop
18918 - Giant octopus ballon - Giant Octopus drop
19848 - Pink Angeling Bubble - Angeling Drop

Misc. changes:
Restructured the cash shop
Updated the patcher
Updated the GRF structure, it's recommended to redownload the full client