September 2019 Update

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September 2019 Update

Post by thomas » Wed Sep 25, 2019 10:01 am

Added Pet evolution (you can now evolve your pets through the pet main menu by right clicking the pet)

Added 16th anniversary skill update (Note, this is only the skill update, the base and job level has not been increased yet.)
Also note that the 1st and 2nd job update has not been applied yet (mostly).

Fixed @go 37, you can now go to the eden headquarters by using @go eden as well.

Level dungeon update:
A random custom MVP(possible 1 of 4) spawns if the correct conditions are met on the second floor of the leveling dungeon. However, I have not decided what the prize and drops for these MVPs are yet. Those will be updated soon.

You may now get special custom recipe books if you are a whitesmith/mechanic or creator/genetic. With these books, you're able to craft new custom brewing and forging recipes.

The books are obtainable from "Intriguing merchant" in the leveling dungeon 1st floor.

The new forging weapons are customized "Metal weapons" which were previously unobtainable. The old effects were not worth using, so I changed all of their effects, and added the missing weapon types.
All "metal" weapons now have the following effect:
"Every refine ATK +10, MATK +10.",
"Increase damage dealt to all races by 30%",
"Increase damage dealt to all races by 1% per refine.",

Updated the headgear quests in the market. All headgear quests now have updated requirements.
A few headgears were modified:
Floating stone of sage now combos with Lif Doll hat instead of Leaf cat doll. The combo effect is the same.
Lif Doll Hat now has the following effect:
Int +1
Increase healing skills by 30%
increase MDEF based on refine rate
Healing increases by 1% per refine rate

All homunculus based headgears now have a slot

Added some slotted middle headgear variants

Demon slayer, poring slayer and event shops now have new items, and some prices have been adjusted.

All custom maps now have the proper BGM.

Some monsters now drop related headgear, a list will be posted at a later date.

Added a monster mercenary shop in the market. Monster mercenaries are the same as normal mercenaries, but they're monsters, and they do not have a level requirement.

Some MVPs also drop mercenary scrolls at a low chance. These MVP mercenaries are powerful.
Currently obtainable MVP mercenaries include:
Ygnizem Cenia
Valkyrie Randgris

Added a monster taming gacha machine in the market. You spend 1 poring coin(obtainable in the poring slayer shop) and you get a random taming item. Items could be anything from an unripe apple to a traditional cookie(Bacsojin taming item).

I patched and sent out a new client. With this new client, the fade in transition from warping, teleporting and loading has been reduced.
But more notably, you can now hold any targeted or self-targeted skill and it repeats the input for you. So you no longer need to press your hotkeys over and over.
Please keep in mind, that this doesn't work for ground targeting skills!

You can now upgrade shadow equipment with safe refine tickets AND blessed ori and elu. You must use the refine master or blacksmith Dister to use these materials.

Shadow Broker NPC is available in the market now, he sells some shadow gear for zeny.
More shadow gear will be added in game soon.

Basic shadow gear will be added to a vendor. High end shadow equipment will come from a wide array of sources, including but not limited to:
Custom Class quests(!)

Fancy Feather Hat (19296) has been added to the headgear quest NPC(Fancy mcHat) in the market.

Imperial feather (18823) has been added to the headgear quest NPC(Fancy mcHat) in the market.

Imperial glove (28551) was added as a drop on Gold One-Horn Scaraba (2161)

Imperial Ring (28372) was added as a drop on Gold Antler Scaraba Egg (2168)

Royal Guard Necklace (19246) was added as a drop on Randel (2221)

Fallen Warrior Armor/Einherjar Armor (15189) was added as a drop on all bio5 MVPs

Acid bottles, Bottle grenades and deadly poison have been added to the Tool dealer

Genetic's cart cannon cast time has been removed

Equipment Dealer is now available

Fixed some Sura issues where you were unable to level up certain skills to level 10. Some skills have a usage cost update.

Tiger cannon still consumes HP, and is not completely up to date. However, all other skills are up to date.
Tiger cannon will be fixed later.

The combo window has been increased. It will be easier to hit all combo skills now.

Edited Ghost palace, it's now accessible to parties.

Added Enriched oridecon and elunium to both slayer shops

Added silver vines to both slayer shops and event coin shop

Added +5 and +6 safe refine tickets to poring slayer

Added 50% and 100% battle manuals to poring slayer

Updated malangdo enchants

Dangerous Soul collection no longer has a cast time

Sapphire Wrist's text has been corrected.

Fixed skill tab names. They were too long, and expanded classes could not access etc skills.

Added Ancient hero items to Bios island Hero Token Exchange

Old Biolab headgear enchants have been updated, you're now able to pick which enchant you want, but it starts at level 1.

For the special biolab enchants like mettle, you must use the same NPC as before. However, there is no longer a chance to fail.

For stat upgrades, you need to take it to the enchant upgrader.

The text on most enchants that are upgradable have been updated to be easier to notice. The text will say if the enchant is upgradable or not.