06/10/2019 update

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06/10/2019 update

Post by thomas » Sun Oct 06, 2019 6:50 pm

1st and 2nd job skill update has been applied.

Horror toy factory fix
-Spawns monsters properly

Charleston Fix
-Should no longer lock your character in place near the end of the instance. Probably.

Nydhog's nest skip
-Allows the user to skip past the quest and enter right into the instance

Charleston weapon enchants are now available

New items in quest shop
-Spell Circuit
-Amistr beret
-general helm
-ruff officer

new items in slayer
-Valkyrie Hammer
-Valkyrie Drop

-Mob scarf
-Royal Guard Necklace
-perverse demon mask

new monster taming vending machine - 2 poring coins for a pet of your choice
Does not include the MVP taming items

Added Shield Ring to Randel
Removed royal guard necklace from Randel

New weapon size modifiers

Adjusted the spawn condition for level dungeon MVPs

Added level dungeon MVP drops

Added three new forging recipes to Advanced forging volume 1
Hera's Book
Hera's Rod
Hera's Staff