08/10/19 Update

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08/10/19 Update

Post by thomas » Tue Oct 08, 2019 7:36 pm

Implemented some server side changes that should reduce lag spikes.
If you still experience lag, please let me know.

Added Magma dungeon 3 and Glast heim Abyss dungeons.
Currently, you must access them by walking through magma dungeon 2, and speaking with Hugin's follower outside of old glast heim.
They will be added to the warper later.

Added Angel Slayer and the Angel slayer shop
It's currently quite bare, but it'll become more populated as we go.

Added the initial implementation of the Wing specialist and Wing enchanter
You're able to enchant FAW and Archangel wings now.
FAW has it's normal iRO enchants available
Archangel wings have similar enchants, but instead of normal stat enchants, it has blessed stat enchants.

Fixed Morse cave, and removed the quest requirement to enter.
This instance still takes a long time to complete, make sure you don't AFK for too long, or it will kick you out for inactivity.

Fixed a handful of bugs.

Sharpshooting is now affected by critical damage equipment and cards

Sura is now fully updated

Some mob skill levels have been reduced due to the skill update.

If there are some mobs I missed, or that you would like me to review, please suggest it in #suggestions on discord.