29/10/19 Updates

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29/10/19 Updates

Post by thomas » Tue Oct 29, 2019 5:29 pm

The demon slayer hats, like sorc's night cap and oni horns etc, will be updated to their current divine-pride version.
Shrine maiden hat will be updated.

The MATK% enchant has it's description updated. The effect has been in the whole time, but I just missed one important detail in the description.

Rebel's scarf has also been added to the event coin shop.

Prize of hero and the expedition box from demon god will be updated as well. You will no longer get mastela fruit etc.

Updated Arms cannon to be closer to official behaviour
Fixed the issue with Bowling bash and Brandish spear where it applies the strip weapon debuff when teleporting
Fixed the issue with feint bomb where non-detector mobs could see you while invisible

Removed pet intimacy loss on death. You still need to feed it though!

Added an extra storage, which can only be accessed in Prontera from Premium Kafra

Updated some item descriptions
Updated skill descriptions and status icons

Updated some demon slayer hats
Fixed Shrine maiden hat
Moonlight flower card has been buffed, it now has further increased movement speed
Updated prize of hero and expedition prize; they no longer give mastela fruits, and always give level 3 evil essence
Reduced the cost of the Hero exchange items in bios island
Updated some trade restrictions on items

Sky fortress no longer saves your position in front of the instance
The first encounter with Stefan has significantly reduced stats
Fenrir now drops Fenrir's chain, and no longer drops Vanargand Helm
Certain poring slayer mobs have reduced AGI, to make them easier to hit
Rideword now drops rideword hat, Cursed book isn't new, but I'd like to note that it is also a mob drop

Added Spirit king's crown and Vanargand Helm to FancyMcHat

Added new items to Angel Slayer

Moved some NPCs around
Added a job master to every notable city

Added Custom Thief job quests, they can be accessed in the theif's guild in pyramids 1.

The Halloween event is now active;
Find the mushroom has been changed to find the zombie, however, skills have been disabled in Geffen, Izlude and Morroc to provide a fairer experience.

Added "Rise of the Necropantser" Instance, which can be accessed in Prontera
It will be available for two weeks
The timer resets at 00:00 server time, and the prizes can be found in the event area in paramk

Updated the cash shop

Added the initial, super awful, not polished at all, implementation of Rudus.
Most OS weapons and equipment are available, the only one that is not available is the Doram weapon, Electric Fox-OS
That weapon will be added at a later date.
Cor Mission instance was added, however 99% of the dialogue is missing. Some people may prefer it this way, I dunno. I'll update it when I know what they're saying.
The armor enchants are available right now, but the weapon enchants will be implemented at a later date.

What's missing from Rudus:
OS Mission instance
Miguel MVP
Accurate drop data - I tailored them to match our rates, so they'll probably stay like this
Warp portals
Green aura on Bestia MVP(I intended on adding it right away, but I forgot to upload the file. Whoops.)
Daily quests (I have info for this)
Main quests (I have info for this)
Dialogue on all NPCs

If you have this information and you're willing to share, please contact me.

Updated the skills on MOST mobs, mobs that were excluded were MVP, or ones that were missed
If there are still issues with magic skills being too powerful, please let me know.

There were a handful of updates that I wasn't able to get to this week, but they will be focused on next week.
What you can expect for next week, are many enchant NPCs for various instances, more bug fixes, item fixes, more hero weapons and probably a bit more.