N Espa & Eswhoo

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Espa & Eswhoo

Headgear Top: Racing Cap (Soul Linker) *enchant = INT+10, INT+10, Racing (Soul Linker)

Headgear Mid: Glasses slotted or Sunglasses slotted

Headgear Low: Mob Scarf

Weapon: Spirit Plumb enchant = After Cast Delay, mATK

Shield: Purified Knight's Shield

Armor: INT Soutane

  • enchant = INT+10, INT+10, INT Blessing for DMG
  • enchant = mHP+10%, mHP+10%, INT Blessing for survival
  • Nightmare Amon Ra Card

Garmen: Clergy's Manteau

  • enchant = INT+10, INT+10, Spell+10 for DMG
  • enchant = mHP+10%, mHP+10%, Spell+10 for survival

Boots: Clergy's Boots

Acc R: Brilliant Light Sapphire Ring

Acc L: Perverse Demon Mask

Shadow Gear

  • Soul Reaper Shadow Armor
  • Soul Reaper Shoes
  • Almighty Shadow Earring
  • Almighty Shadow Pendant

Shadow Gear Enchant

  • Upper: Linker Stone Upper
  • Mid: Linker Stone Mid
  • Low: Linker Stone Low
  • Garment: Soul ReaperStone Garment


Thank you to players, who made this Guide possible

  • Thomas