Megumin: Comet

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Comet Warlock: Explosion!

  • Headgears:
   +9 Garden of Eden of Immortal(Fancy Hat NPC, in the market)
   Card: Ungoliant Card and Plaga Card (Rudus Dungeon 1)
   Kardui Ears (Fancy Hat NPC, in the market)
   Tree Sprout (Fancy Hat NPC, in the market)

  • Armor:
   +20 Int Soutane (Drop by mob in Dungeon >> Odin's Temple >> Odin's Past), Enchant INT, INT, INT bless

   Card: Agav card. (RS 5)

  • Weapon:
   +20 Welding Band (made by dynite, NPC at Einbroch Dungeon entrance. Dungeon >> Einbroth Dungeon >> 1 >> take the port and go out, you will see the NPCs, it is the one above you.), enchant, MATK%, after-cast delay, damage on boss.
   Card: Ice Knight Card (@go 37 >> second floor >> leveling dungeon >> floor 2) / Mutated White Knight Card (OGH Instance)

  • Shield:
   +9 Lapine Shield (Event vending machine >> shield)
   Card: Mutated Khalitzburg Knight card (OGH instance).

  • Garment:
   Archangel wings (Event vending machine >> garment), enchant NPC at the market (100 coins per enchant, some enchants can be leveled using the NPC on the deep left in the market, each level needs 50 coins. You need to trade for wing enchant first from the NPC.)

Enchant Spell, int blessing, int blessing.

   Card: Marsh Arclouse Card /

  • Shoe:
   +9 lava leather sandals (Magma Dungeon 3), enchant NPC at the entrance (Magma Dungeon 1 >> take the port and go out), need zeny to do the enchant. 2 Matk%, level up the enchant at the market, NPCs at the left end (zeny + event coin)
   Card: Moonlight Flower Card / Fallen Bishop Card

  • Accesory:
   Gefenia Ice Magic Tool *2 (Event vending machine >> Accesory)
   Card: Dwigh card and Jewelry ant Card / Deep Sea Obeaune Card

Damge Refernce (on egg)

  • Comet - 2.5m (spammable, 2.5 casts per sec)