NoobFury's Berserker Dark Knight

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Berserker Dark Knight (Physical DK) is mostly centered around single target damage + bulkiness The DK equips are tailored to be more efficient since it can easily reach refines up to +20 ( although cards that needs refines doesn't count these "refines" so be wary on that) Still, the bonus ATK on each part + 5 allstats per piece on armor boots and muffler helps quite abit. You don't even need to card anything else.

Low Tier equips: (pre level 150)

    Upper Headgear: Dark Knight's Mask (free from Darius NPC)
    Mid Headgear: Gambler Seal (event shop)
    Lower : Heart Card in Mouth(event shop)
    Armor: Solitude Armor     (free from Darius NPC)
    Garment: Solitude Muffler(free from Darius NPC)
    Shoes: Solitude Boots    (free from Darius NPC)
    Accesories: Dark Knight Glove and Dark Knight Belt
    Weapon: Greataxe from the DK Shop Darius

Mid Tier Equips (175 and up) Upper, lower and mid gear will probably be still the same as they are best in slot for now. Note: Deep Sea King Dramoh Card for headgear will combo with Deep Sea Merman Card on boots.

    Armor: +9 Luck Soutane 
    Card: Furious Ninetail Card
    Enchantment: (1 and 2)Can either be Str, Vit, Max HP
               : (3) Should be Luk Blessing
    Garment: +9 Clergy Manteau
    Card : Petal Card
    Enchantment: (1,2)Can either be Str, Vit, Max HP
               : (3) Fatal
    Shoes: +9 Clergy Boots 
    Card: Deep Sea Merman Card
    Enchantment: Same idea with Manteau
    Accesories:  Brilliant Light Ruby Ring
                 Brilliant Light Ruby Necklace
    Cards: Kobold Card ( Use this if you still haven't reach 100 Crit Rate
    Weapon: Upgraded version of the axe you are using, most preferably Underworld Greataxe
    Card: 2 Dark Knight Card ( can be acquired in Leveling Dungeon 2nd Floor)

End Tier equips can only be farmed once you can kill monsters in Dark Monestary.

    Upper Headgear: Cursed Feather Beret
    Card: Purple Ferus or Kiel Card
    Mid and Lower Headgear : Mask of Darkness
    Card: Purple Ferus or Kiel Card
    Armor: Cursed Vestments
    Card: Chaotic Baphomet Card or Reginleif Card
    Enchantment: (1) Deadly Curse (2) Curse
    Garment: Cursed Shawl
    Card: Petal Card
    Enchantment: (1) Deadly Curse (2) Curse
    Boots: Cursed Boots
    Card: Vicious Cookie Card
    Weapon: Parashu
    Card: Contaminated Wanderer Card
    Enchantment: Slot 1 is freestyle, (2 and 3 can be whatever damaging skill you prefer)
    Accesories: Brilliant Light Ruby Ring
              : Perverse Demon Mask
    Cards: Revolver Buffalo and Shotgun Buffalo Card
    Shadow Gears: Buy the Dark Knight Shadow Gear for maximum damage output
    For Costume Stones You can use Rune Knight Stone Garment and Lord Knight Stone Garment
    120 Str
    108 Agi
    90 vit
    120 luk
    90 dex
    leftover stats can be placed on int
    Alternative Cards you can use:
     Rubylit Card
     Emelit Card
     Raydric Card
     Chaotic Acolyle Card
     King Dramoh Card
     Deep Sea King Dramoh Card
     Deep Sea Merman Card