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Important notice

Before you continue reading, it's important to note that this build might not work on other servers. On Trifecta RO, we have the KRO performer update.

This build also does not go over alternative options for other servers who may be missing these items. I might get into that at a later date.

Why should I make a performer?

Currently, it's not advised to start as a performer. They are not the easiest class to build early on, and would greatly benefit from having a good farming class to help them gear up.
Rune Knight, Ranger, GX are all really good starting options. When you have enough strength to farm up gear for your performer, you can come back to it, and have a good time with it.

Performers offer a wide variety of unique party buffs, and have potential to deal some pretty good damage at the same time. Each gender provides different crucial buffs to this build, so it's easily interchangeable between either bard or dancer classes. Bard can offer ASPD or variable cast and after cast delay reductions, which can be played at the same time as your ATK buff on minstrel.
Dancers can offer SP cost reductions or HIT rate increases(on TRO, it can go up to +400 hit at max level) and your MATK% buff on wanderer.
For your magic build, you can play either one, but if you're playing with a soul reaper to link you, dancer wins out slightly.

Of course there are other great buffs you can use, but those are the main ones to focus on.

In terms of damage, a magic based performer can do pretty well. Reverberation has a large AOE, and is very flexible, since it can be any element. Metallic sound is also pretty decent, but it has a long cooldown. It's very slightly stronger than reverberation, however it's a single target skill, so it's mainly for bossing. The only issue is that for magic based weapons, your choices currently are the hero weapons(barbed wire whip/trumpet shell) or a vicious mind weapon. If you want to use a bow, then your only option to my knowledge is a thanatos bow, which is severely lacking in comparison.

Stats and skills while leveling

Refer to the leveling guide for leveling locations.

Even though this is a magic performer guide, it's highly recommended to level with a severe rainstorm build, since it requires fewer resources to be decent. Mobbing in magma dungeon is extremely potent if you use holy or silver arrows.

For severe rainstorm, you'll need as much AGI as you can possibly get, and up to 120 DEX. The rest can be split between VIT and INT for now.

If you want to level with a magic build, you'll want to get to 100 INT, and 100 DEX, then increase them both as you see fit until they're at 120 each. Afterwards, VIT and LUK would be pretty good options.

For skills, you'll want to use:

 Improve concentration
 Double strafe
 Service for you/Assassin cross of sunset
 Humming/Poem of Bragi
 Musical Lesson(The bard/dancer passive)
 Lesson (The minstrel/wanderer passive)
 Severe rainstorm OR reverberation + metallic sound
 Swing dance and Moonlight serenade(wanderer)
 Windmill Rush(Minstrel)
Gearing Up

It's very important to pick up two sound amplifiers as soon as you can. These will reduce your variable cast time significantly, and are your best choice for accessories early game. They will last you up until your end game build, and depending on if you want to use metallic sound, may even be useful as an end game option.

The next biggest upgrade would be to get an elven bow and elven arrows. Even though it's neutral, the +50% damage the combo gives is pretty significant. You can also use elemental arrows with this bow too, of course.

You can also aim to get a piece of equipment that can be [| hidden enchanted.] This is a pretty good investment, and is very easy to obtain early on. On TRO, you can choose which enchant you get, and you can level up your enchant in the market at the Enchant Upgrader. This will allow you to get +10 in a stat by using only zeny! Pretty good starting armor I'd say.

From here, if you're starting on this class, it's recommended to try to craft a few items, and/or pick some up from the event shop.
You can craft the items by speaking to Fancy McHat in the market.
Some highly notable pieces of equipment are:

 Ship captain's hat
 Teardrop/Butterfly wing ears/Sigrun's wings(Fancy Hat)
 Hawk Eyes(Event Shop)
 Foxtail/Father's white mustache/Pirate dagger(Fancy Hat)
 Well-chewed pencil/Vajra(Event Shop)

If you're using a character to help farm your gear, you can skip all of the previous gear recommendations, however, Foxtail is still a pretty good choice to consider in some circumstances.
For end game gear options, you can skip to the end of the guide.

End game skills

The above mentioned skills are your bread and butter, and will mostly likely see the most use.
After leveling those, you should still have a considerable amount of skill points left.
Here, you should read your skills, and decide which buffs you think are worth having.
A very important note though, if you're not playing with a second performer, DO NOT get any ensemble skills. They only work with two or more performers in the party.

Some skill tree images will be posted later.


STR: 1+
AGI: 1
VIT: 60+
INT: 120+
DEX: 120
LUK: 60+

The most important part is to hit your stat thresholds for your equipment. If you use kardui ears for example, you'll need 120 DEX.
Make sure to keep that in mind when making your stat spread. Otherwise, there's quite a bit of flexibility depending on how you want to play the class.
STR is just for weight with any performer build. Add more to your preference, but this should be increased last, always.
AGI on a magic build isn't really needed.

Gear List