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Modified Quests

Eden Quests

Eden Quests

All Eden Quests below level 100 no longer have a cooldown. They may be obtained and completed as many times as you want.

All Eden quests above level 99 are custom made.

They all follow the same premise as the older Eden quests, but they are not official.

All custom Eden quests are coded using the same structure which allows for faster accept/turn in menus.

You can find a list for each level tier on the Eden quest page.

There is also an Undead Quest board, which is for priest and acolyte classes only.

Same deal as the Eden quests, but it has a job restriction.

New Quests

Here is a list of quests that are custom made from scratch!

Custom Class Quests

These are sets of quests intended to help out new adventurers and veteran adventurers, by teaching basic fundamentals of each class.

They also provide you with class shadow equipment, and custom class equipment!

Swordsman Class Quests

Mage Class Quests

Mage Class Quests

The custom class quest for mages.

You may obtain:

  • Mage shadow equipment
  • Magician's set (custom)
  • Magician's Hat (Modified equipment)
  • Base EXP
  • Job EXP

Archer Class Quests

Merchant Class Quests

Thief Class Quests

Acolyte Class Quests

Taekwon Class Quests

Ninja Class Quests

Gunslinger Class Quests

Super Novice Class Quests

Thief in Training

Thief in Training

This quest is available in Niflheim.

Do what the thief in training asks of you, and you may permanently access the invisible costume store.

Refer to the guide for more info.

Level Dungeon Quests

Level Dungeon

Level Dungeon quests are available from level 151+. You can access the leveling dungeon, and level dungeon quests by speaking to Level Dungeon Warper
On the Upper floor of the Eden HQ. He's near the high level Eden boards.

It's pretty much the same as Eden quests, but it's attached to a custom leveling dungeon.

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