Trifecta RO

Upper Headgear

Headgear + requirements
Item Name Material 1(Amount) Material 2(Amount) Material 3(Amount) Material 4(Amount) Material 5(Amount) Material 6(Amount)
black musang Tassel(200) Heroic Emblem(2) Black Dyestuff Magistrate hat
white musang Tassel(200) Heroic Emblem(2) White Dyestuff Magistrate hat
tam(Balloon hat) Fancy Flower Flower Hairpin Beret White Dyestuff
shrine maiden hat Red Ribbon Fabric(100) Scarlet Dyestuff
yggdrasil crown Dead Branch(200) Elder Branch(200) Yggdrasil berry(30)
asgard blessing Golden Feather(200) Peco Peco Feather(50)
husky hat Animal Skin(300) Fur(100) Blood of Wolf(100) Wolf Claw(20) Monster Juice(5) Puppy Headband
astro circle Halo Angel Magic Powder(100) Worn-out magic scroll(100)
ribbon magic hat Magician Hat Big Ribbon Small Ribbons Black Bear Skin(50)
fancy mini crown Coronet Crown Emerald(50) Fabric(50) Scarlet Dyestuff
Vanargand Helm Fang of Hatii(5) Hunterfly Card(5) helm[1] Steel(400)
Drooping neko crew Black Cat(5) Loki's Whispers(5) Drooping Cat
red pom hat Fluff(100) Big Ribbon(5) Hair Band(5) Scarlet Dyestuff
captain hat Horn(250) Scarlet Dyestuff(10) Corsair Antlers
Skull cap Black Bear Skin(200) Soft Feather(100) Skull(100) Beret
wickebine's black cat ears Black Cat Ears Black Cat Doll(200) Black Cat
elemental crown Fancy Mini Crown Burning Bow Frozen Bow Earthen Bow Gust Bow
hat of girl Sunday Hat Emerald White Dyestuff Bouquet
black shiba inu hat Husky Hat Black Dyestuff Animal Skin(200)
red hood Hood[1] Red Muffler(100) Will of Red Darkness(5)
mercury riser Queen's Hair Ornament Tiara Gold(20) Cendrawasih Feather(50)
death corsage Chills of Death(50) Clattering Skull(200) Death Guidance[2]
little feather hat Western Grace Scarlet Dyestuffs Cobalt Dyestuffs Blue Feather(100)
red dress hat Improved Magician Hat[1] Scarlet Dyestuffs Witherless Rose Fabric(50)
pitch black ribbon Red Ribbon(2) Silk Ribbon(2) Small Ribbons(2) Black Dyestuffs
southern cross Blue Hairband Glass Bead Sapphire Hydra Card
darkness helm Morrigane's Helm Blade Lost in Darkness(10) Crystal of Darkness(100)
Red marching hat Evil Marcher Hat[1] Holy Water
Evil marching hat Holy Marching Hat[1] Cursed Water
rage of luster Queen's Hair Ornament Queen Wing Piece(10) Insect Feeler
musketeer hat Cowboy Hat Soft Feather(200) Scarlet Dyestuffs(5)
hermode cap Magni's Cap Will of Warrior(100) Darkgreen Dyestuffs(10) Odin's Blessing[1](20)
queen anne's revenge Anolian Skin(400) Golden Feather(200) Needle Packet(200) Pirate Bandana(20) Corsair(3) Scarlet Dyestuffs(2)
kitsune ear bell ribbon Kitsune Mask Black Cat Ears Decorative Golden Bell Small Ribbons Lemon Dyestuffs(5) White Dyestuffs(5)
yggdrasil herald crown Yggdrasil Berry(10) Yggdrasil Crown[1] Magni's Cap Valhalla's Flower(10)
cat ear beret Death Corsage[1] Beret Black Cat Ears Black Dyestuffs
judge hat Black Musang Hat[1] White Musang Hat[1]
helm of siegfried Helm[1] Dragon Scale(100) Fire Dragon Scale(5) Shining Spear Blade
circlet of kriemhild Helm[1] Dragon Scale(100) Fire Dragon Scale(5) Shining Spear Blade
diadem of brynhild Helm[1] Dragon Scale(100) Fire Dragon Scale(5) Shining Spear Blade
amistr cap Embryo Stone of Sage(50) Wool Scarf[1](5) Soft Feather(100)
Lif doll hat Embryo Stone of Sage(50) Romantic Leaf(5) Aloe Leaflet(100)
Vanilmirth hat Embryo Stone of Sage(50) Blank Core(5) Royal Jelly(100)
Filir hat Embryo Stone of Sage(50) Blue Feather(500)
Cylinder Hairband Harvester Hat[1] Charleston Parts(50)
Fancy Feather Hat Inconspicuous Hat[1] Night Sparrow Hat[1] Autumn Headband[1]
Spell Circuit Sorcerer's Night Cap[1] Ordinary Black Magician Hat[1] Rasen Fuma's Orb[1]
Amistr Beret Clergy Nurse Cap[1] Harvester Hat[1](2)
General Hat Red Baby Dragon[1] Divine Guard Hat[1] Focus Beret[1]
Ruff Officer Oni Horns[1](2) Sea Captain Hat[1]
Spirit King's Crown Crown[1] Dragon Soul
Garden of Eden Watcher's Feather(100) Keeper's Heart(50) Maiden's Tear(2)
Survival Circlet Ice Scale(10) Ktullanx's Eye(10) Circlet[1](5)

Middle Headgear

Headgear + requirements
Item Name Material 1(Amount) Material 2(Amount) Material 3(Amount) Material 4(Amount) Material 5(Amount) Material 6(Amount)
Censor Bar Slick Paper(250 Sticky Mucus(50) Black Dyestuff
Spirit Whisper Spiritual Crystal(50) Spiritual Crystal(50) Distilled Fighting Spirit(20)
Ice Wing Ear Ice Cubic(100) Ice Piece(100)
Mischievous Fairy Elven Ears Smoke Powder(50)
Cyclops Eye Monocle[1] Metal Fragment(50) Steel(50) Red Gemstone(50)
Angel Spirit Cultish Masque(200) Soft Feather(200) White Dyestuffs
Butterfly Wing Ear Butterfly Wing(500) Giant Butterfly Wing(300)
wing style specs Feather of Birds(250) Steel(50) Sunglasses
teardrop Crystalized Teardrop(200)
Black Frame Glasses Geek Glasses Sunglasses Dark Frame Card Black Dyestuffs
Anemos Mask Cultish Mask(200) Cendrawasih Feather(50) Elemental Converter(5) White Dyestuff
Fortier Masque Cultish Mask(200) Cendrawasih Feather(50) Elemental Converter(5) Scarlet Dyestuff
Nero Mask Cultish Mask(200) Blue Feather(50) Elemental Converter(5) Cobaltblue Dyestuff
Dragon Knight's Eyepatch Eye Patch Scarlet Dyestuffs Dragon Scale(300)
Exorcist Glasses Sunglasses Little Evil Wing(300) Little Evil Horn(300) Hand of God
Hexagon Specs Moth Dust(200) Star Dust(100) Geek Glasses
Monster Fish Gills Gill(300) Piranha Card
Fallen Angel Blessing Soft Feather(300) Anubis Card
Hairband Of Reginleif Soft Feather(300) Valhalla's Flower(10)
Heavenly Dark Flame Red Feather(100) Fire Beetle Shell(50) Fire Feather(50) Elemental Converter(5)
Azure Diadem Steel(200) Mystic Frozen(50) Elemental Converter(5)
Magical Booster Charleston Parts(5) Crushed Can Iron Plate(100) Failed Engine(10)
Poring Sunglasses Sunglasses White Dyestuffs Scarlet Dyestuffs Poring Card(3)
wings of victory Valhalla's Flower(2) Angel Wing Ears
Ancient Elven Ear Elven Ears Ancient Rune(200)
Ribbon Of Life Small Ribbons Darkgreen Dyestuffs Lemon Dyestuffs F Med Life Potion(10)
Sigrun's Wings Bloody Rune(200) Cendrawasih Feather(50) Golden Feather(50) Soft Feather(50)
Gemini-S58 eyes Gemini-S58 Card Stone of Sage
Noble Mask Cultish Masque(200) Cendrawasih Feather(50) Royal Guardian Ring[1] White Dyestuffs
Floating Stone Of Intelligence Stone of Sage(300)
3D Glasses Glasses Red Gemstone(500) Blue Gemstone(500) Slick Paper(200)
Imperial Feather Soft Feather(500) Blue Feather(500) Imperial Spear[1] Imperial Guard[1] Young Twig
Seraphim Coronet Soft Feather(500) Blue Feather(500) Frozen Rose(300) Young Twig
Crow Tengu Mask Red Feather(500) Tengu Nose(500) Red Ribbon Young Twig
Kardui Ears Ancient Elven Ears Angel Magic Powder(500) Elven Ears[1] Young Twig

Lower Headgear

Headgear + requirements
Item Name Material 1(Amount) Material 2(Amount) Material 3(Amount) Material 4(Amount) Material 5(Amount) Material 6(Amount)
Abacus In Mouth Magnifier(1000) Wooden Gnarl(50) Glass Bead(50)
Fish In Mouth Fish with Blue Back(100) Blue Fish
Chilly breath Ice Cubic(200) Mystic Frozen(100)
Four Leaf Clover in Mouth Four Leaf Clover(50)
Foxtail Soft Blade of Grass(200) Angel Magic Powder(100) Poison Spore(50) Singing Plant(50) Romantic Flower(2) Romantic Leaf(2)
Father's White Moustache Elder Pixie's Moustahe(100) Mole Whiskers(100) Mother's Nightmare Pipe
Wind Fan Folding Fan of Cat Ghost(300) Elemental Converter(5)
Ninja Scroll Blank Scroll(100) Old Magicbook(100) Torn Magic Book(100) Worn-out Magic Scroll(100)
Pirate Dagger Assassin Dagger Pirate Bandana(10) Pirate Skeleton Card(5)
Scarlet Rose Witherless Rose(300)
Blood Sucker Glass Bead(100) Blood of The Monster(50) Tooth Rock of Fire Golem(30) Assassin Mask

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