Trifecta RO

Market Warper

Warps you from the market to Prontera.
The NPC in Prontera warps you from Prontera to the market.

Cute Pet Machine

Gives you a random taming item. This includes rare and normally unobtainable taming items.
Costs 1 Poring Coin, which is available from the Poring Slayer Shop

Full list of available taming items coming soon.

Beast Charmer

Sells monster mercenaries. They do not have a level requirement.

Most of these mercenaries have modified stats and skills sets to be useful. The higher the cost, the better the mercenary.

Available mercenaries:

  • Baby Desert wolf - 500z
  • Wild Rose - 50000z
  • Chepet - 100000z
  • Mimic - 100000z
  • Disguise - 100000z
  • Alice - 100000z
  • Zerlthsh1) - 100000z
  • Wicked Nymph - 100000z
  • Loli Ruri - 100000z
  • Civil Servant2) - 100000z
  • Teddy Bear - 100000z
  • Baphomet Jr. - 100000z
  • Galapago - 100000z
  • Diabolic - 100000z
  • wish Maiden - 250000z
  • Wanderer3) - 500000z
  • Kasa - 500000z
  • Salamander - 500000z
  • Scaraba - 500000z
  • Sedora - 500000z

Blessed Bro

Will trade 1000000 zeny and 20 Oridecon OR Elunium for either Blessed Oridecon OR Blessed Elunium.
Blessed ores can be used with Blacksmith Dister.

If a Blessed ore is used for refining equipment, the equipment will never break or lose refine levels.

Shadow Broker

Sells Shadow Equipment and sets for zeny.

Fancy McHat

fancy mchat headgear quests

Trifecta RO's main headgear quest NPC.

She creates upper, middle and lower headgear, and can slot middle headgear with the use of Spiritual Auger.

List of all available headgears coming soon.

Changing Room

A custom instance that allows you to try on headgear, costume headgear and costume garments.


Allows you to change your hair style, hair colour and clothes colour for free.

Wig Shop

Sells costume headgear that is related to hair. Like pony tails and wigs.

Wing Specialist

Sells Fallen Angel Wings for 3,000 Angel's Blood and 1 Archangel Wings

Poring Slayer Shop

Spend your Poring Slayer Points here.

You obtain Poring Slayer Points by participating in the Poring Slayer auto event.

Novice Enchanter

Enchants your Angel Poring Boots.

Costs 1 Poring Coin.

Event coin Shop

Spend your Event Coins here.

You obtain Event Coins by participating in the Disguise auto event, trading in Demon Slayer Points, or trading in Poring Slayer (Other methods of obtaining event coins will be implemented in the future.).

Demon Slayer Shop

Spend your Demon Slayer Points here.

Angel Slayer Shop

Spend your Angel's Blood here.

You obtain Angel's Blood by participating in the Angel Slayer auto event.

Check Points

Checks your Demon Points, Poring Points and Cash Points.

Mao Guai

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