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Server Type: Renewal Eps. 17.1 / rathena
Base Exp: 50x / Job Exp: 50x / Quest Exp: 50x
Drop Rate: 50x / Equip Drop: 50x / Card Drop: 1%
MVP Equip Drop: 50x / MVP Card Drop: 0.5%
Max Base Lvl: 200 / Max Job Lvl: 70
Max Stats: 130
Max ASPD: 193
Party Share Range Limit: 30 Level
Exp Loss: 1%
Monster Spawn: 100% / Default


 Skills & Stats Resetter
 Warper (Town, Field, Dungeon)
 Card Remover
 Platinum Skill
 Custom Enchant Upgrader
 Custom Enchant Remover
 Custom Eden Quest NPCs


Auto Commands:

 @autoloot <any value between 1-100>: Enables you to automatically loot items dropped from monsters that you killed. Entering no value will activate autoloot at 100%.
 @alootid +<item name or id>: Enables you to automatically loot items specified in this command. You can have 15 different whitelisted items on @alootid at a time.
 @autoloottype -<item name or id>: You will not loot items specified in this command.
 @autotrade: Use this command after using the Merchant class skill Vending to leave your vendor online.

Information Commands:

 @rates: Displays the current server EXP rates and item drop rates.
 @uptime: Display the Server Uptime.
 @channel: Displays all channel commands.
 @mobinfo <monster name or id>: Displays detailed information such as HP, EXP, and stats of the monster you specified.
 @iteminfo <item name or id>: Displays brief information of the item you specified.
 @whodrops <item name or id>: Displays the name of monsters that drops the item you specified and the drop rates of said item.
 @time: Displays the current server time.
 @jailtime: Shows your remaining time in jail.
 @hominfo: Displays detailed information of your Homunculus, including stats and Intimacy points.
 @homstats: Displays your current Homunculus stats as well as the possible values at max level.
 @showexp: Displays EXP gained (in numbers and percentage).
 @showzeny: Display your currently Zeny.
 @whereis <monster name or id>: Displays the map name and amount of spawn of the monster you specified (it is recommended to follow this up with the Ctrl + ` command, or use Alt + V then click the Map button).
 @exp: Display your current Exp in %.
 @who Shows all players currently online, their party, and their group type(Admin, support, player, etc)

Helpful Commands:

 @help: Displays list commands in game.
 @showdelay: Displays the Cast Delay or Cooldown of the skill you're trying to cast.
 @go <town id or town name>: Lists the warp destinations. You can warp to one of the destination by typing the town name or town ID (e.g. @go 0 for Prontera).
 @refresh: 'Refreshes' your display. It helps to correct position lag.
 @noask: Automatically rejects any trade requests you receive.
 @noks: Protects you from being Kill-stolen, aka KS.
 @breakguild: Break you currently Guild.
 @langtype: Displays the current language of the server
 @storage: Opend your personal storage.
 @gstorage: Opend your guild storage.
 @bodystyle: Changes 3rd job to their jRO appearance
 @request: Sends a message to any GM that is online