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This will be a barebones explanation on how to get various sets of equipment.

It will be improved and formatted later.

Hero equipment

Hero equipment is found around the Bios line instances, and are purchased from Hero Token Exchanger around moro_cav 35 71.
You can access this map through the warper by selecting the following:
Warper -> Instances -> Bios Line

Heroic backpack / Adventurer's backpack are considered to be "Hero" equipment, and have also been added to this NPC.

All other gear that is considered to be "Hero" equipment in this set are classified by their combo with "Ancient Hero Boots".

WE DO NOT HAVE PATENT WEAPONS YET. They're coming later.

Each piece of hero equipment costs 15 heroic tokens.


Hero Weapon Enchants

Hero Equipment
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
22171 Ancient_Hero_Boots Ancient Hero's boots No
2576 Bravery_Bag Heroic Backpack No
2981 RingOfHero Heroic Ring Yes
2048 Iron_Staff Aeon Staff Yes
13345 Humma_Clear Clarity Huuma Shuriken Yes
21038 Oriental_Sword Oriental Sword Yes
28039 Shiver_Katar_K Katar of Shiver Yes
28130 Avenger Avenger Yes
18164 Royal_Bow_K Royal Bow Yes
18170 Narcis_Bow Narcissus Bow Yes
28255 Master_Soul_Rifle Master Soul Rifle Yes
28256 Demon_S_Shot Demon Slayer Shot Yes
28257 Golden_L_Launcher Golden Lord Launcher Yes
28258 The_Black_Gatling The Black Yes
32302 Crimson_Rose Crimson Rose Yes
1847 Iron_Nail_K Iron Nail Yes
13485 Sword_Of_Bluefire Red Lotus Sword Yes
26118 Shadow_Staff_K Shadow Staff Yes
26155 MeawFoxtail MeowMeow Foxtail Yes
28630 Demon_Hunting_Bible_K Exorcist's Bible Yes
28744 Magic_Sword Mado Sword Yes
28763 Sharp_Wind_Sword Surudoi Kaze Yes
28764 Fog_Dew_Sword Kiri no Tsuyu Yes
32018 Undine_Spear_K Aquatic Spear Yes
28631 OneSkyOneSun Thousand Sun Yes
26154 SoulWeight Spirit Plumb Yes
500003 Light_Blade (50000 on TRO) Light Blade Yes
580002 Barb_Wire_K (50001 on TRO) Barbed Wire Whip Yes
570002 Trumpet_Shell_K (50002 on TRO) Trumpet Shell Yes
640004 Blue_Crystal_Staff (50003 on TRO) Blue Crystal Staff Yes
700003 Scalet_Dragon_L_Bow (50004 on TRO) Scarlet Dragon Leather Bow Yes
590003 Saint_Hall (50005 on TRO) Saint Mace Yes
560002 Ray_Knuckle (50006 on TRO) Ray Knuckle Yes
510006 Fatalist (50008 on TRO) Fatalist Yes
550007 Freezing_Rod (50007 on TRO) Chilling Cane Yes
610003 Blade_Katar (50009 on TRO) Blade Katar Yes
600004 Dragonic_Slayer (50010 on TRO) Dragonic Slayer Yes
500004 Slate_Sword (50011 on TRO) Slate Sword Yes
590002 Meteor_Striker (50012 on TRO) Meteor Striker Yes

Heroic equipment

Not the same as Hero equipment, however, it's obtained through the same instances.

Heroic equipment can be obtained through Prize of Hero, which is a loot box obtained when completing any of the Bio Island instances (Bios Island, Morse Cave or Temple of the Demon God).

Heroic Equipment
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
15093 Hero_Plate Hero Plate No
15094 Hero_Magic_Coat Hero Magic Coat No
15095 Hero_Judgement_Shawl Hero Judgement Shawl No
15096 Hero_Trade_Mail Hero Trade Mail No
15097 Hero_Hidden_Cloth Hero Hidden Cloth No
15098 Hero_Taget_Suits Hero Target Suit No
22035 Vet_Nepen_Heel Hero Nependess Shoes No
Hero Silverleather Boots 22036 Vet_SliverFox_Boots No
Hero Ungoliant Boots 22037 Vet_Ungo_Boots No

OS equipment (17.1 equipment)

OS Equipment is obtained through 17.1 quests and instances.
You can find the NPCs that are in charge of creating the equipment by warping to:
Warper -> Instances -> Cor Mission

All of the NPCs that handle crafting and enchanting the OS equipment are there.

Weapons are crafted from 1 Broken Weapon (From Cor Mission instance) and 200 Unknown parts (17.1 mobs found in Rudus dungeons)

OS Armor (Which is called illusion armor, do not get it confused with armor from Illusion dungeons) are crafted from 50 Cor Cores (17.1 mobs found in Rudus dungeons)

Items which combo with OS equipment is also considered to be OS equipment, which can be found on the same crafting NPC.

This includes:
Ignis Cap, Phantom Cap and Stripe Hat


OS Enchants

OS Equipment
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
15376 Illusion_Armor_A Illusion Armor Type A Yes
15377 Illusion_Armor_B Illusion Armor Type B Yes
20933 Illusion_Engine_A Illusion Engine Wing Type A Yes
20934 Illusion_Engine_B Illusion Engine Wing Type B Yes
22196 Illusion_Leg_A Illusion Leg Type A Yes
22197 Illusion_Leg_B Illusion Leg Type B Yes
32208 Illusion_B_L Illusion Booster L Yes
32207 Illusion_B_R Illusion Booster R Yes
32210 Illusion_BC_L Illusion Battle Chip L Yes
32209 Illusion_BC_R Illusion Battle Chip R Yes
400022 (60001 on TRO) Ignis Cap Yes
400044 (60001 on TRO) Phantom Cap Yes
400049 (60001 on TRO) Stripe Hat Yes
OS Weapons
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
18180 AC_B44_OS AC-B44-OS Yes
21047 Beam_Claymore_OS Beam Claymore-OS Yes
28136 Blasti_OS Blasti-OS Yes
32019 Boost_Lance_OS Boost Lance-OS Yes
1862 Burning_Knuckle_OS Burning Knuckle-OS Yes
13493 Cannon_Rapier_OS Cannon Rapier-OS Yes
28629 Circuit_Board_OS Circuit Board-OS Yes
26164 ElectricFox_OS Electric Fox-OS Yes
28253 HR_S55_OS HR-S55-OS Yes
28755 Kuroiro_OS Kuroiro-OS Yes
28038 Meuchler_OS Meuchler-OS Yes
18179 MH_P89_OS MH-P89-OS Yes
26151 Rutilus_Stick_OS Rutilus Stick-OS Yes
16088 Saphir_Hall_OS Saphir Hall-OS Yes
16089 Ultio_Spes_OS Ultio-OS Yes
18178 Virtual_Bow_OS Virtual Bow-OS Yes

Dragon Plates

Dragon plates are obtained through a quest, which require drops from Abyss lake 4.

The quest NPC is named Redhead, and is located in the building at hugel 73 155 on the second floor.


Dragon Plate Enchants

Dragon Plates
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
15395 DragonA_Blue Blue Dragon Plate Yes
15393 DragonA_Gold Gold Dragon Plate Yes
15392 DragonA_Green Green Dragon Plate Yes
15394 DragonA_Purple Purple Dragon Plate Yes
15391 DragonA_Red Red Dragon Plate Yes
15396 DragonA_Silver Silver Dragon Plate Yes

Einbroch Equipment

Einbroch equipment is purchased using Dynite.

Dynite is crafted with drops from Einbroch dungeon 3.
To create a Dynite, you need one of each of the following:
Redim, Rindium, Odium, Purdium, Whidium

The NPC is located at einbech 150 258. This NPC can be easily accessed by warping to einbroch dungeon 1, and exiting the dungeon.

Both weapons and accessories are crafted at the same NPC.


Einbroch Weapon Enchants

Einbroch Weapons
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
32026 Ein_1HSPEAR Blocking Spear Yes
28045 Ein_BHKATAR Bolt Crusher Yes
32303 Ein_1HGUN Bolt Revolver Yes
18190 Ein_BHBOW Bolt Shooter Yes
2058 Ein_BHSTAFF Detecting Staff Yes
28772 Ein_1HMAGGER Jewel Detector Mk47 Yes
28771 Ein_1HDAGGER Metal Detector Mk47 Yes
16099 Ein_1HHAMMER Rubber Hammer Yes
550006 Ein_1H_Foxtail (60004 on TRO) Safety Foxtail Yes
1867 Ein_1HKNUCK Safety Knuckle Yes
28635 Ein_1HBOOK Safety Manual Yes
32352 Ein_1HSWORD Safety Saber Yes
28140 Ein_BHAXE Saw Axe Yes
26162 Ein_1HWAND Welding Wand Yes
Einbroch Accessories
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
32251 Ein_SAFETY_EPAULL Safety Epaulet B No
32250 Ein_SAFETY_EPAULR Safety Epaulet R No
32249 Ein_SAFETY_PENDL Safety Pendant B No
32248 Ein_SAFETY_PENDR Safety Pendant R No

Soutanes, Clergy's equipment and Brilliant Light accessories

Soutanes are obtained from Odin's Relic, which is obtained as a normal monster drop from monsters in Odin's Temple 4.

Clergy's boots and Clergy's manteau are normal drops from monsters in Odin's Temple 4.

Brilliant light accessories are obtained from Odin's Jewelry box, which is obtained as a normal drop from monsters in Odin's temple 4.


Soutane and Clergy Enchants

Soutanes and Clergy
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
15398 CassockA_AGI Agi Soutane Yes
15400 CassockA_DEX Dex Soutane Yes
15401 CassockA_INT Int Soutane Yes
15402 CassockA_LUK Luk Soutane Yes
15397 CassockA_STR Str Soutane Yes
15399 CassockA_VIT Vit Soutane Yes
22209 Cassock_Boots Clergy's Boots Yes
20947 Cassock_Manteau Clergy's Manteau Yes
Brilliant Light Accessories
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
490059 Shine_Necklace_A Brilliant Light Amethyst Necklace No
490058 Shine_Ring_A Brilliant Light Amethyst Ring No
490067 Shine_Necklace_AQ Brilliant Light Aquamarine Necklace No
490066 Shine_Ring_AQ Brilliant Light Aquamarine Ring No
490061 Shine_Necklace_E Brilliant Light Emerald Necklace No
490060 Shine_Ring_E Brilliant Light Emerald Ring No
490057 Shine_Necklace_R Brilliant Light Ruby Necklace No
490056 Shine_Ring_R Brilliant Light Ruby Ring No
490065 Shine_Necklace_S Brilliant Light Sapphire Necklace No
490064 Shine_Ring_S Brilliant Light Sapphire Ring No
490063 Shine_Necklace_Z Brilliant Light Zircon Necklace No
490062 Shine_Ring_Z Brilliant Light Zircon Ring No

EDDA Biolabs Weapons

EDDA Biolabs weapons are obtained by trading in 25 Somatology Experimental Fragments and 25 Somatology Research Documents, which are obtained from the EDDA Biolabs instance.

You are able to trade for these weapons outside the EDDA Biolabs instance at the Weapons Trader NPC.

EDDA Biolabs weapons
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
21051 Volar Volar Yes
21052 Vernan Vernan Yes
32023 Argen_Blanco Argen Blanco Yes
1333 Golden_Wrench Golden Wrench Yes
16092 Engine_Pilebuncker Engine Pilebunker Yes
28138 Maxi_Spanner Maxi Spanner Yes
28765 Judgement_Slasher Judgment Slasher Yes
28766 Repent_Slasher Repent Slasher Yes
28044 Agudo_Filo Agudo Filo Yes
28042 Reaper_Cross Ripper Cross Yes
26158 Crimson_Rose_Stick Crimson Rose Stick Yes
2055 Staff_Of_Miracle Staff of Miracle Yes
2056 Gravitation_Staff Gravitation Staff Yes
26161 Ponitendtia Penitentia Yes
2057 Adorare_Staff Adorare Staff Yes
16095 Lucis_Flail Lucis Flail Yes
18185 Sharp_Star_Bow Sharp Star Yes
18187 Falken_Shooter Falken Shooter Yes
18186 Aiming_Bow Aiming Bow Yes
32350 Farthezan Farthezan Yes
32024 Harve Harve Yes
32025 Fortrage Fortridge Yes
32351 Estal Estal Yes
16093 Coolant_Injection Coolant Injection Yes
16094 Gene_Rod Gene Rod Yes
28767 Jack_The_Knife Jack the Knife Yes
28768 Platinum_Dagger Platinum Dagger Yes
18184 Rapid_Fire_C_Bow Rapid Fire Yes
28633 Boltigin Boltijin Yes
26159 Psychic_Spear_Rod Psychic Spear Rod Yes
26160 Dust_Grave Dust Grave Yes
1865 Combo_Fist Raging Dragon Fist Yes
1866 Asura_Bandage Fighting God's Bandage Yes
16096 Bright_Mace Bright Pendulum Yes
18188 Wind_Gale Wind Gale Yes
26212 Heart_Whip Heart Whip Yes
26213 Scarlet_Ribbon Scarlet Ribbon Yes
32107 Black_Circle Black Circle Yes
32108 Antique_Cello Antique Cello Yes

Temporal Manteaus, Temporal Circlets, King Schmidt Equipment, Royal Knight's Weapons

All of the Temporal Manteaus, Temporal Circlets and King Schmidt equipment are obtained from a custom version of OGH hard mode.

You trade in the loot you get by completing the instance to obtain the gear.

You can access the instance by warping to:
Warper -> Instances -> Old Glast heim

Then walking up the stairs ahead of you.

Royal Knight's weapons are normal mob drops in one of the secret routes in OGH Hard mode.

Temporal Manteaus
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
20964 Temporal_M_Agi Temporal Agi Manteau Yes
20967 Temporal_M_Dex Temporal Dex Manteau Yes
20966 Temporal_M_Int Temporal Int Manteau Yes
20968 Temporal_M_Luk Temporal Luk Manteau Yes
20963 Temporal_M_Str Temporal Str Manteau Yes
20965 Temporal_M_Vit Temporal Vit Manteau Yes
Temporal Circlets
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
19480 S_Circlet_Of_Time_AB Temporal Circlet (Archbishop) Yes
19477 S_Circlet_Of_Time_GN Temporal Circlet (Genetic) Yes
19478 S_Circlet_Of_Time_GC Temporal Circlet (Guillotine Cross) Yes
19490 S_Circlet_Of_Time_KG Temporal Circlet (Kagerou) Yes
19476 S_Circlet_Of_Time_NC Temporal Circlet (Mechanic) Yes
19489 S_Circlet_Of_Time_OB Temporal Circlet (Oboro) Yes
19484 S_Circlet_Of_Time_RA Temporal Circlet (Ranger) Yes
19488 S_Circlet_Of_Time_RL Temporal Circlet (Rebellion) Yes
19475 S_Circlet_Of_Time_LG Temporal Circlet (Royal Guard) Yes
19474 S_Circlet_Of_Time_RK Temporal Circlet (Rune Knight) Yes
19479 S_Circlet_Of_Time_SC Temporal Circlet (Shadow Chaser) Yes
19483 S_Circlet_Of_Time_SO Temporal Circlet (Sorcerer) Yes
19487 S_Circlet_Of_Time_SP Temporal Circlet (Soul Reaper) Yes
19486 S_Circlet_Of_Time_SJ Temporal Circlet (Star Emperor) Yes
19492 S_Circlet_Of_Time_SU Temporal Circlet (Summoner) Yes
19491 S_Circlet_Of_Time_NV Temporal Circlet (Super Novice) Yes
19481 S_Circlet_Of_Time_SR Temporal Circlet (Sura) Yes
19485 S_Circlet_Of_Time_WM Temporal Circlet (Wanderer & Minstrel) Yes
19482 S_Circlet_Of_Time_WL Temporal Circlet (Warlock) Yes
King Schmidt equipment
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
15389 Schmidt_Manteau King Schmidt's Manteau Yes
15388 Schmidt_Suits King Schmidt's Suit Yes
32233 Schmidt_Insignia_Dex King Schmidt's Celestial Bow Insignia Yes
32229 Schmidt_Insignia_Int King Schmidt's Divine Power Insignia Yes
32232 Schmidt_Insignia_Agi King Schmidt's Flash Insignia Yes
32231 Schmidt_Insignia_Vit King Schmidt's Rigid Insignia Yes
32228 Schmidt_Insignia_Str King Schmidt's Strong Insignia Yes
32230 Schmidt_Insignia_Luk King Schmidt's White Cloud Insignia Yes
Royal Knight's Weapons
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
1336 G_Knight_Axe Guardian Knight Axe No
28141 G_Knight_BattleAxe Guardian Knight Battle Axe No
18191 G_Knight_Bow Guardian Knight Bow No
21055 G_Knight_Sword Guardian Knight Claymore No
32353 G_Knight_JewelSword Guardian Knight Jewel Sword No
32027 G_Knight_Spear Guardian Knight Spear No
32403 G_Alchemist_Staff Royal Alchemy Staff No
32111 R_Cello Royal Cello No
26165 R_Cleric_Staff Royal Cleric Staff No
26172 R_Foxtail_rod Royal Foxtail No
28774 R_Gladius_R Royal Gladius (R) No
28775 R_Gladius_L Royal Gladius (L) No
13347 R_Huuma_Shuriken Royal Huuma Shuriken No
28046 R_Katar Royal Katar No
18198 G_Knight_Archer_Bow Royal Knight Archer Bow No
1870 R_Knuckle Royal Knuckle No
28776 R_Magician_Dagger Royal Magician Dagger No
2060 R_Magician_Staff Royal Magician Staff No
26166 R_Magician_Wand Royal Magician Wand No
32401 R_Pillar Royal Pillar No
32304 R_Revolver Royal Revolver No
28636 R_Sage_Book Royal Sage Book No
32402 R_Syringe Royal Syringe No
26216 R_Wheep Royal Whip No

Dark Monastery

Dark Monastery is a custom dungeon on TRO.

Here you can obtain various shadow gear, Racing caps and Dark Knight gear using Shadow Fragments and Weapon Fragments, which are normal mob drops in the dungeon.

You can also obtain items from the cursed set, which are normal mob drops.

Cursed Set
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
60206 Cursed Feather Beret No
60207 Mask of Darkness No
60203 Cursed Vestments Yes
60204 Cursed Shawl Yes
60205 Cursed Boots Yes
Shadow Gear
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
Reload Shadow Shoes No
Reload Shadow shield No
Reload shadow armor No
reload shadow armor II No
magic compose shadow armor No
Almighty shadow earring No
almighty shadow pendant No
All race shadow shoes No
All race shadow shield No
blitz shadow weapon No
blitz shadow armor No
blitz shadow shoes No
blitz shadow shield No
healing shadow shield No
Healing shadow shoes No
restore shadow earring No
restore shadow pendant No
critical shadow shield No
critical shadow shoes No
critical shadow armor No
critical shadow weapon No
mortal blow shadow weapon No
mortal blow shadow earring No
mortal blow shadow pendant No
sentimental shadow weapon No
sentimental shadow earring No
sentimental shadow pendant No
enchanting shadow weapon No
enchanting shadow earring No
enchanting shadow pendant No
infinity shadow weapon No
temporal transcendent shadow weapon No
temporal transcendent shadow armor No
temporal transcendent shadow shield No
temporal transcendent shadow shoes No
temporal transcendent shadow earring No
temporal transcendent shadow pendant No
magical shadow armor No
physical shadow armor No
critical hit shadow armor No
Dark Knight shadow Armor No
Dark Knight shadow shield No
Dark Knight shadow shoes No
Dark Knight shadow weapon No
Dark Knight shadow pendant No
Dark Knight shadow earring No
Racing Caps
Item ID Item Name Enchantable?
19197 Racing_C_Bishop Racing Cap (Arc Bishop) Yes
19190 Racing_C_Gene Racing Cap (Genetic) Yes
19191 Racing_C_Cross Racing Cap (Guillotine Cross) Yes
19189 Racing_C_Mecha Racing Cap (Mechanic) Yes
19199 Racing_C_Ranger Racing Cap (Ranger) Yes
19196 Racing_C_Royal Racing Cap (Royal Guard) Yes
19195 Racing_C_Rune Racing Cap (Rune Knight) Yes
19192 Racing_C_Chaser Racing Cap (Shadow Chaser) Yes
19194 Racing_C_Sorcer Racing Cap (Sorcerer) Yes
19198 Racing_C_Sura Racing Cap (Sura) Yes
19193 Racing_C_Warlock Racing Cap (Warlock) Yes
19396 Racing_C_Star Racing Cap (Star Emperor) Yes
19397 Racing_C_Soul Racing Cap (Soul Reaper) Yes
19200 Racing_C_Mins Racing Cap (Minstrel) Yes
19201 Racing_C_Wander Racing Cap (Wanderer) Yes
19202 Racing_C_Gunner Racing Cap (Rebellion) Yes
19204 Racing_C_Super Racing Cap (Super Novice) Yes
19205 Racing_C_Doram Racing Cap (Summoner) Yes
19203 Racing_C_Ninja Racing Cap (Ninja) Yes

Illusion Dungeon Gear

Illusion gear can be crafted by NPCs that are located near the entrance of each illusion dungeon.


Illusion Dungeon Enchants

Nobless, Imperial and Grace sets

These sets are normally obtained by completing 16.x quests and trading the currency for them.

However, on TRO, these are all obtainable through the event shop only.

You can find the event shop by warping to Prontera, and clicking the Market NPC around Prontera 143 179

Lava Leather Sets

These sets are obtained as normal drops from monsters in Magma Dungeon 3.


Lava Leather Enchants

Bio 5 Headgear (old headgear)

Bio 5/nightmare biolab headgear can be crafted in Biolabs 5 around lhz_dun_n 139 263. There is a safe alternative as well, but it costs 2,000,000 zeny, you must speak with Lunar at lighthalzen 320 204 to enter the special safe map.

More info can be found here:

For those of you who are unable to access that site, I made a direct copy, which you can access here: Bio 5