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Custom Mobs

This table will consist of all of the custom mobs available in the game.

Modified Mobs

This Table will consist of all of the mobs that have edited stats, skills, and drops.

Custom Mob List
Mob ID Mob Name Image Edits Drops
Modified Mob List
Mob ID Mob Name Image Edits Drops
1634 Seyren None Toy Ring
1635 Eremes None Luminous Blue Stone
1636 Harword None Supplemental Chip
1637 Magaleta None Arch Bishop Ring
1638 Shecil None Hunting Knife
1639 Katrinn None Magician's Gloves
Magical Ring
2221 Randel None Guardian Ring of King
Shield Ring
2222 Flamel None Sapphire Wrist
2223 Celia None Spirit King's Ring
Magical Ring
2224 Chen None Fallen Monk Rosary
2225 Gertie None Shadow Ring
2226 Alphoccio None Emerald Earrings
2227 Trentini None Emerald Ring
2427 Monk Errende None Boxing Gloves
3741 Spider Chariot Custom skill set official drop
1974 Banshee Master None Banshee Master Kiss
1096 Angeling None Pink Angeling Bubble
2612 Wood Goblin None Wood Goblin's Nose
1832 Ifrit None Ifrit's Ears
1159 Phreeoni None Long Tongue
2194 Giant Octopus None Giant Octopus Balloon
2161 Gold One-Horn Scaraba None Imperial Glove
2168 Gold Antler Scaraba Egg None Imperial Ring
Biolab5 MVPs None Fallen Warrior Armor
3473 Stefan J.E Wolf None Immortal Dog Tag