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Server Features

This list will be expanded upon more at a later date, I just put it in for now so it's not bare.

 *Reduced RNG on enchants
 *Donation items are cosmetic only. No stats.
 *All KRO class updates
 *Custom Dungeons
 *Custom Instances


Custom Class Changes

Class Skill Change
Rogue Backstab Now has 3 range instead of 1
Rogue Raid Does not require the hiding state, increased AOE size, Added 10 second cooldown
Dancer Humming Increases HIT by 400 at max level
Bard/Dancer Throw Arrow/Musical Strike Can be used with bows and instruments/whips
Alchemist Twilight Alchemy I,II and III No longer requires you to be in a party with a super novice
Champion Zen(Dangerous Soul Collection) Does not have a cast time, after cast delay or cooldown
Soul Linker Soul Linker Spirit You are able to use this skill on yourself
Sniper Sharp Shooting Keeps old range and AOE type (Hits enemies in a straight line)
Gypsy/Clown Arrow Vulcan Can be used with bows and instruments/whips
Creator Acid Demonstration skill uses old formula, but also takes weapon element
Sura Flash Combo Applies combo damage multiplier
Shadow Chaser Fatal Menace Will never miss, Increased AOE size at max level
Shadow Chaser Triangle Shot Will never miss