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Certain enchant NPCs have been made((and some enchant NPCs have been edited)) to follow a new format.
This new format helps mitigate RNG by allowing you to chose your enchant, and upgrade it to get the desired level.
More info on the enchants page.


   Market NPCs

You can find a wide variety of NPCs that want to sell you stuff, or provide you with services.
Check the Market NPC page for more in depth info.


   Town NPCs

Town NPCs are NPCs that can be found in towns.
This includes, but is not limited to:

 *Event NPCs
 *Donation Redemption
 *Custom Tool Dealers
 *And many more

Check the Town NPC page for more info.



Has additional warps added to the base warper.

All illusion dungeons are available from their respective dungeon listing.
Example: Illusion moonlight (Payon dungeon) is available under the Payon dungeon warp.

Other maps like Scaraba hole floor 3, Rockridge maps, Prontera prison and more are also available.