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If you're finding an item that @whodrops couldn't found it is most likely in the event shop. @go 1 >> Market (on the left of prontera) >> Event shop >> Event vending machine

Event points can be obtained through each event that happens every 30 minutes: 1 event coin = 1000 event points

1. Slayer event (10 minutes event)

  a. Poring Slayer (4 floors total), good for starters.
     - floor 1,  just poring. 10 event pts each kill
     - floor 2, you need 50k damage. 50 event pts each kill
     - floor 3, you need 100k damage. 100-150 event pts each kill
     - floor 4, you need 600k damage. 300 event pts each kill
        Tips: Get a Rebellion, use dragon tail. 500k event points per event.
  b. Demon Slayer (1 floor total), geared up first.
     - you need 1m damage.
  c. Slayer (1 floor total), almost end game build.
     - you need 3m damage.

2. Finding Poring

  a. 100 poring spawn in either Morocc, Geffen, Izlude.
  b. killing each poring gives you 1 event coin. 1 event coin = 1000 event points
  c. you get a total of 100k event pts per finding poring event. (very good for starter).

3. Disguise Event

  a. At prontera, walk down, you will see an NPC.
  b. Guess the name of a shown mob, just say the name in public.
  c. Each right guess will give you 5 event coins. The event will last until you get 100 event coins.
  d. you get a total of 100k event pts per disguise event. (very good for starter).

4. Bombring Event (best event by far)

  a. At prontera, NPC will show itself in the at prontera spawn.
  b. Dodge the bombring mob, you win.
  c. 200k event pts + 100 event coint = 300k event pts total for a 30 second event.
  tips: if no one is playing, get an alt, and suicide, you will win automatically.