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Here are some important instances that you should look into:

1. Bio Lines

  a. You get heoric coin when finishing the instance, which can be used to make useful weapons.
  b. The NPCs on the left show the weapons, which you should take a look.
  c. middle and right instance is relatively easy with 1 mil damage should be able to do it. The upper one needs 2-3 mil damage.

2. Cor Mission

  a. Cor armor are generally good with enchants (just port there to see the equipment from the NPC)
  b. The items to make those equipment can be farm through Dungeon >> Rudus >> 3 

3. EDDA Biolabs

  a. Some good weapons there as well, just finish the instance and it will give you the required items
  b. relatively hard, you need about 2m damage to go through the instance.

4. Endless Tower

  a. just good as always, farm some stuff, 100 floors, should be able to do it with 1 mil damage.

5. Geffen Magic Tournament

  a. the cards from the mobs in there are good, 1-2 mil damage will do.

6. Horror Toy Factory:

  a. You can farm Vicious Cookie card in this instance, useful for some jobs.

7. Old Glast Heim (OGH)

  a. Temporal Garment, Shoe, Headsets can be farmed through these instances.
  b. lower NPCs are for easy OGH instance 500k - 1m damage will do, this instance can let you make temporal shoe.
  c. upper NPCs are for hard and challenged OGH, which is really hard. You need 20m damage at least to go through it.
  d. just port there and check out those NPCs and enchants, they're strong.

8. Room of Consciousness

  a. Boss card is kinda good.

9. Wolfchev's Lab

  a. Boss card is kinda good.