Megumin: The Legendary Arch Wizard

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  • The Legendary Arch Wizard definition here a warlock that can deal high damage on all elements, fire, water, wind, and neutral (earth just kinda bad except for PVP). And here it is the Legendary Arch Wizard guide. WITH NO MVP Cards


  • If you're a Warlock main, you should have this kind of gear first.
    Megumium: Comet
  • Or if you have other characters that can do 3m damage per sec or solo the OGH challenge instance.

Legendary Arch Wizard

  • Headgears:
   +20 Temporal Circlet Warlock (OGH Challenge mode instance)
   -  Wind & Water damage boost 25%, Chain Lightening & Jack Frost 120% damge, Matk +225, Matk +50%.
   Card: Ungoliant Card and Plaga Card (Rudus Dungeon 1)
   Kardui Ears (Fancy Hat NPC, in the market)
   Tree Sprout (Fancy Hat NPC, in the market)

  • Armor:
   +20 Int Soutane (Drop by mob in Dungeon >> Odin's Temple >> Odin's             
   Past), Enchant INT, INT, INT bless

   Card: Agav Card. (RS 5)

  • Weapon:
   +20 Welding Band (made by dynite, NPC at Einbroch Dungeon     
   entrance. Dungeon >> Einbroth Dungeon >> 1 >> take the port and go out, you will see the NPCs, it is the one above you.), 
   enchant, MATK%, after-cast delay, damage on boss.
   Card: Mutated White Knight Card (OGH Instance) / True Kathryne Keyron Card (Bio 5)

  • Shield:
   +9 Lapine Shield (Event vending machine >> shield)
   Card: Mutated Khalitzburg Knight card (OGH instance).

  • Garment:
   +20 INT Temporal Manteau (Tested, better than Archangel Wing) Enchant with 15% after skill delay.
   Card: Marsh Arclouse Card / Nightmare Ancient Mummy card

  • Shoe:
   +9 Lava Leather Sandals (Magma Dungeon 3), enchant NPC at the entrance 
   (Magma Dungeon 1 >> take the port and go out), need zeny to do the enchant. 2 Matk%, level up the enchant at the market, NPCs at 
   the left end (zeny + event coin)
   Card: Moonlight Flower Card (Only MVP card here)
   PS: Tested against temporal shoes, lava leather wins it all.

  • Accesory:
   Gefenia Ice Magic Tool (Event vending machine >> Accesory)
   Perserve Demon Mask (Event vending machine >> Accesory)
   Card: Dwigh card / Mavka Card / Jewelry ant Card / Deep Sea Obeaune Card

  • Costume
   Comet Costume enchants (type 2 wizard/warlock , in market lower part.)

  • Shadow
   +9 Crimson Shadow Set (sold in the market as well), with +10 Almighty shadow set (get from Dark Monastery)

Damge Refernce (on egg)

  • Comet - 4m (spammable, 2.5 casts per sec)
  • Crimson - 10m (semi-spammable, read spell book, 6 casts per sec)
  • Jack Frost - 5-8m (semi-spammable, read spell book, 6 casts per sec)
  • Chain Lightening - 1.5m (spammable, 5 casts per sec)