Megumin Sharp Shooting

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Sharp Shooting Ranger Guide

  • HeadGear:
   +20 Bio5 Rengar Headgear (Rabbit Hood of Poison Grass, Dungeon >> Bio Lab >> 5th floor >> at the top of the map there is NPC that you can craft this using the drops from the mobs in bio5. Relatively hard to farm.)
   Card: Engkanto Card
   Gambler Seal (Event Vending Machine) 300k pts
   Heart Card in Mouth (Event Vending Machine) 300k pts

  • Armor:
   +20 white wing suit (dungeon >> sphinx >> 4th floor >> hunt Anubis)
   Card: Furious Nine Tail Card (Dungeon >> Payon Dungeon >> illusion Payon)

  • Weapon:
   +20 Bolt Shooter (Einbroch dungeon >> 3rd floor >> farm mobs and get Dynite) can be made using NPC at the entrance of Einbroch dungeon (Einbroch dungeon >> 1st floor >> take the port and go out, it should be above you). Enchant Atk%, After-cast delay, Boss Damge.
   Card: Corrupted wanderer card*2 (dungeon >> glast heim >> last option) or Amelit Card (@go 37 >> second floor >> leveling dungeon >> floor 1)

  • Garment:
   +7 Prism Rengar Scarff (Event Vending Machine) 500k pts

  • Boots:
   +7 Gray Wing Boots (Event Vending Machine) 500k pts

  • Accesory:
   Emerald Ring of Dust (Dungeon >> bio lab >> 4th floor)
   Preserved Demon Mask (Event Vending Machine) 1m pts
   Buffalo Bandit Set Card (Field >> Rockbridge >> 1st option >> hunt the 2 Bandit mobs)