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Soul Reaper Espa & Eswhoo is a low tier build.

Please notice that this guide will give you an idea, how to build up your Gear. It may or may not contain the best possible gear.

possible Top Gear

Headgear Top: Racing Cap (Soul Linker) *enchant = INT+10, INT+10, Racing (Soul Linker)

Headgear Mid: Glasses slotted or Sunglasses slotted

Headgear Low: Mob Scarf

Weapon: Spirit Plumb enchant = After Cast Delay, mATK

Shield: Purified Knight's Shield

Armor: INT Soutane

  • enchant = INT+10, INT+10, INT Blessing for DMG
  • enchant = mHP+10%, mHP+10%, INT Blessing for survival
  • Nightmare Amon Ra Card

Garmen: Clergy's Manteau

  • enchant = INT+10, INT+10, Spell+10 for DMG
  • enchant = mHP+10%, mHP+10%, Spell+10 for survival

Boots: Clergy's Boots

Acc R: Brilliant Light Sapphire Ring

Acc L: Perverse Demon Mask

Shadow Gear

  • Soul Reaper Shadow Armor
  • Soul Reaper Shoes
  • Almighty Shadow Earring
  • Almighty Shadow Pendant

Shadow Gear Enchant

  • Upper: Linker Stone Upper
  • Mid: Linker Stone Mid
  • Low: Linker Stone Low
  • Garment: Soul ReaperStone Garment


Thank you to players, who made this Guide possible

  • Thomas
  • neon