Thomas' Basic Leveling Guide

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level 1-15

Prontera field 1

Kill any mob on the map

Level 15-41

Payon Dungeon 1

Kill any mob on the map

41 - 56

Eden Quests
You can easy access the eden HQ by using @go 37 or @go eden

Speak with Secretary Lime Evenor to join the Eden group

Go to the Mission [41 - 55] quest board
Accept any quests that you can manage to finish
I suggest either Thara Frog Hunting or Orc Warrior Hunting
Repeat this quest until level 56

56 - 71

Eden Quests
I suggest doing either:

Mission numbers 1~5 -> What is this Bandage?
Kill 30 mummies and turn in 30 rotten bandages


Mission numbers 11~15 -> Dangerous Munaks
Kill 30 Munaks

Repeat until level 71

71 - 86

Eden Quests
I recommend taking two quests at once

Glast Heim -> Evil Druid
Glast Heim -> Wraith

86 - 91

Eden Quests

Other Regions -> Ground Petite

91 - 99

Eden Quests
Go Upstairs
Glast Heim -> Dark Priest

Reborn and do the same route from 1-99. You can do the same missions over and over without worrying about the cooldown timer.

Some people like to hold onto their quest, and just grind the mobs, so when you reborn, you can just talk to the NPCs and level up immediately by turning in your old quests.

Level 100 - 111

Monsters are now easily clustered into groups in the same areas. Depending on your level and comfortability with your class, you can choose any quests on this board.
It's suggested that you accept quests for all available monsters on the map.
For characters who can mob easily, like ranger, the magma dungon mobs are recommended, however, if you have trouble fighting so many at once, Ice cave monsters are also very good.

111 - 121

Eden Quests
Similar to 100 - 111, just pick what you're comfortable with.
Raydrics, Khalitzburgs and KH dungeon mobs are typically pretty easy.

121 - 141

Eden Quests
The difficulty ramps up here.
If you have access to holy skills and/or weapons, I suggest taking Ragged zombie and zombie slaughter until you can comfortably kill the biolab 2 mobs.
The biolab 2 mobs:


All give more EXP than the other monsters on this board. So switch to them as soon as you're able to.
If you're having difficulty, you can always farm the quests on lower level boards like 111+
There is no level cap on them.

141 - 151

Eden Quests
The difficulty winds down quite a bit here. The biggest hurdle is over.

Pick two quests at a time. The following pairs are on the same map.

Pick R.Combat Basilisk and Jungle Mandragora
G.Combat Basilisk and Fruits Pom spider

Bring fire

151 - 175

The Leveling Dungeon!

The leveling dungeon is a custom dungeon filled with PAD collab monsters with custom stats.
The first floor mobs you can skip for now. However if you're a blacksmith class or alchemist class, it's recommended to find the "Intriguing merchant" NPC so you can get a free recipe book.

Grab any and/or all quests for this dungeon right at the entrance for the second floor. Be careful though, these monsters are a bit strong. It's recommended to fight the ones that you can hit with
an elemental weakness.

Do remember, you can still take the 141+ quests if you're struggling with the mobs.

level 176-200

From here, things slow down a little bit. Here are a few options:
start grinding for equipment and leveling off the EXP earned from those mobs
spam leveling dungeon quests
any of the new dungeons. (Magma 3, Glastheim abyss, Einbroch 3, Odin's past, or Abyss Lake 4)


Killing lesser MVPS like Eddga, Garm, Phreeoni etc is also a very good source of EXP if you can handle them.

Keep doing and turning in those quests until you hit max level, or killing those MVPs and you're done the level grind!

There are many other ways to level, but this is the path that I typically take.