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Important notice

Before you continue reading, it's important to note that this build might not work on other servers. On Trifecta RO, we have most of the rune knight update, including the rune update.

If your server does not have the rune knight update, this build is going to be complete trash, and you should look up a hundred spear or dragon breath build instead.

This build also does not go over alternative options for other servers who may be missing these items. I might get into that at a later date.

Why should I make a rune knight?

When the rune knight update hit, wind cutter and sonic wave got a significant buff. They're now your best build option in terms of damage on a rune knight. It's easy to reach upwards for 3-5 million damage per sonic wave now. While that's not as high as a genetic, sorcerer or guillotine cross for example, the rune knight offers very high survivability on top of the pretty good damage. When using a Two hand sword, you can block around 50% of all physical attacks with parry, which makes farmin incredibly easy. Not only that, but the AOE on wind cutter is massive, and it's spamable with this build.

Now the main draw to this class, in my opinion, is how easy it is to level, gear and farm with. Your main set is obtainable from Mora, which means you hit your power spikes very early compared to other classes, and it needs the least amount of investment to be a great class. Aside from the costly old rune circlet, everything is farmable in one day, up to about a week, depending on how many events you manage to attend.

This makes rune knight one of the best possible starting classes.

Stats and skills while leveling

Refer to the leveling guide for leveling locations.

In the swordsman tree, you're going to want to max out bash first, then 1 hand mastery and 2 hand mastery. The rest dosn't matter right now, you can either go for endure level 5, or magnum break.
For stats, get 40 dex, then the rest into STR. If you start missing, add more dex.

You can job change to knight at job level 40. It's not important right away, since you're going to be reborn again later. Just need to get to transcendant as soon as you can.
Make sure you equip the claymore you get from the job changer. two-hand swords are the weapon of choice for this build, and bowling bash greatly benefits from using a two-hander.
Once you job change to knight, your skill priorities will be bowling bash to level 10 first, then get riding and riding mastery, then provoke level 10. The rest doesn't matter.

When you reborn, repeat the process, but instead of stopping at job 40 on swordsman, make sure you get to job 50!

As soon as you get to Lord Knight, do a skill reset, and level up bowling bash and riding immediately after changing. This will give you more power right away.

Once you finish doing the orc warrior quest again, you should have level 10 two-hand mastery, level 10 bowling bash and level 5 cavalry mastery. Next, you'll want to get parry, then aura blade, concentration then berserk. Anything after that is up to you.

Aura blade is extremely important for later on in the build, make sure you get it!

Parry is also extremely important, as that is your main source of survivability, especially at higher levels. It blocks 50% of all incoming physical attacks!

When you reach Rune Knight, do the same step as you did on Lord Knight. You're going to want to reset your skills, and immediately get sonic wave and wind cutter, these are your main skills for the build. You're also going to want two-hand mastery, provoke, parry, two-hand quicken, aura blade, concentration, rune mastery and dragon training.

Continue to level to max, and skill up what you think you'll use, or what you think will be useful. At this point, you have your main skills.

Gearing Up

It's recommended to get a refined crimson twohander with holy element first. This way, you don't need to waste event coins on aspersio scrolls.
This weapon will be replaced later, so you don't need to invest too much into it. Maybe a +6 or +7 would be a good stopping point.

Your first set, and last set of gear that you need to farm is the Peuz set. This set is very easy to obtain, and is your end game set for wind cutter/sonic wave. It adds the most damage for both skills.
You can get Peuz's plate from Raydric, and Peuz's seal from frus and skogul. The rest of the set is [| Obtained from Mora] by doing the [| daily quests] after doing the [| hazy forest instance].

Another very useful tip for farming mora, is that you can exchange silver vine fruits for malangdo coins, then trade C grade malangdo coins for mora coins! So after you finish your dailies, you can use your event coins, demon slayer points and poring slayer points to buy fruits to trade for more mora coins.

It's highly recommended to farm up your Peuz's set as soon as you're able to. Probably about level 150 is a good time to start farming it.

You will also need to do automated events as often as you possibly can. You'll need a storm stone from the event shop. It costs 300 event coins. As well as a gambler's seal and heart card in mouth from demon slayer.

You'll also need a weapon, so once you have enough gear, head over to glastheim abyss, and farm corrupted wanderers for their card and their weapon. Very convenient.

Later down the line, when you're more geared up, you can start farming Biolabs 3 for weapons. These weapons can be traded in for Energy fragments, which are used to get old headgear. There's a link down below.

End game skills

Your absolutely required skills are:

 Two-hand Mastery
 Aura Blade
 Riding + Cavalry Mastery + Dragon Mastery
 Wind Cutter
 Sonic Wave
 Rune Mastery

Some skill tree images will be posted later.


Do not forget about runes! It's a RUNE knight after all. These items can be bought from the custom tool dealer NPC in every major town.

All runes have a use, but I primarily use only a handful of them.

 Verkana Rune
 Asir Rune
 Tursius Rune
 Hagalas Rune
 Lux Anima

These give you very powerful buffs, it would be a good idea to look into them. Rune mastery also increases the effectiveness of runes. Make sure you get it to level 10.


There are a few good stat spreads depending on what you want to do with the build, and what mid headgear you want to use.
The most important thing is to hit your stat thresholds for any item you might be using. 120 luk for gambler's seal combo, 120 INT for seraphim coronet, 120 AGI for imperial feather etc. So I'll list off a few possible options.

Level 200 Sonic wave + wind cutter focus (Gambler's seal):

 STR: 120
 AGI: 80 - 90 (Enough to hit max aspd with buffs)
 VIT: 90
 INT: 62 (this is for MP, you can move it some where else)
 DEX: 100
 LUK: 120

Level 200 Wind cutter focus(Imperial feather):

 STR: 120
 AGI: 120
 VIT: 90
 INT: 62 (this is for MP, you can move it some where else)
 DEX: 100
 LUK: 80 - 90

With this build, I would recommend using the mettle enchant in your old rune circlet.

Level 200 seraphim coronet (frail):

 STR: 120
 AGI: 90+
 VIT: 50+
 INT: 120
 DEX: 90+
 LUK: 100

This build has a bit of flexibility. Just make sure you have enough agi and/or dex to hit max ASPD. With this build, you would also need to use the acute enchant on your old rune circlet headgear, since you couldn't depend on gambler's seal for the crit damage.
This build can do well with both wind cutter and sonic wave.

Gear List

Upper Headgear

Item Name How to obtain it
Black Ribbon Demon Slayer
Old Rune Circlet Bio labs Nightmare

Black Ribbon is a very solid early/mid game headgear, perfect to use while farming your old rune circlet, or in situations where you will want to use wind cutter more frequently than sonic wave.

Currently, the best headgear for wind cutter/sonic wave rune knight is the old rune circlet. Nothing else comes close right now. The enchants you can get on this thing are crazy.
There are some options with the enchants though.

The first option you can go for is STR, STR and Acute. This will potentially increase your STR by 20, and crit +30 and critical damage +110%! That bonus is the best option for sonic wave.

You can also choose to have more all around damage, by taking STR, STR and Mettle. This combo will potentiall boost your STR by 20, and your ATK by 33%. Wind cutter can not crit, so the acute enchant previously mentioned will not boost it's damage. So this enchant is more for wind cutter.

Also remember, that you can upgrade your enchants! You start at level 1, but you can keep feeding it materials to get all the enchants up to level 10.

Middle Headgear

Item Name How to obtain it
Gambler's Seal Demon Slayer
Seraphim Coronet Fancy McHat
Imperial Feather Fancy McHat

There are a good amount of options for the mid slot. Gambler's seal is for sonic wave, and it increases crit and crit damage. This option doesn't really impact wind cutter too much, but it increases sonic wave by a huge amount. Must be used with heart card in mouth.

The seraphim coronet is an all around option that will increase your ATK based on your INT. It has the highest ATK boost of any mid head gear, and does not require a lower headgear combo. If you can fit 120 INT without losing out on other stats, this is a solid choice. Typically used for non-crit builds.

And lastly, Imperial feather. This is for AGI heavy builds, and gives a lot of ATK. It's easier to base your build around this item compared to the seraphim coronet on this job, since you only usually want INT for SP.

Lower Headgear

Item Name How to obtain it
Heart Card in Mouth Demon Slayer
Royal Guard Necklace Demon Slayer
Father's White Moustache Fancy McHat

Heart card and Royal guard necklace are combos with Gambler's seal and Imperial feather respectively. If you use either of those mid gears, you must use the combo with it.

Father's White Moustache is used with seraphim coronet, since you do not need to combo the coronet with it's lower headgear. It gives a straight 20 ATK. Simple, nice bonus, no downsides.


Item Name How to obtain it
Peuz's Plate Raydrics


Item Name How to obtain it
Peuz's Manteau Mora


Item Name How to obtain it
Peuz's Greaves Mora


Item Name How to obtain it
Peuz's Seal Skogul and Frus
Storm Stone Event Shop

The armor, garment, shoes and accessory slots are pretty much locked. Nothing beats this combo right now for raw damage and survivability. While it seems lack luster at first glance, there are multiple combos going on at once.
The Peuz's set combo is the first, and most notable. It will give +100% wind cutter and sonic wave damage. Can't pass that up.
Then, storm stone combos with each individual piece, AND the full combo. Effectively giving five extra effects.
Storm stone is a significant core item. Not only does it give crazy bonuses on top of the set's already amazing 100% damage, if you wear the full Peuz set, you also get 70% after cast delay reduction every time you use aura blade. That's more than TWO kiel cards!


Item Name How to obtain it
Royal Knight's Broadsword Corrupted Wanderer
Claw Sword Einbroch 3 weapon crafter

The royal knight's broadsword is good for early on. It's easy to get, and easy to enchant, since it only costs zeny. It will carry you until you can get your claw sword.

The end game sword is a fully enchanted claw sword from einbroch 3. It increases ATK by 15%, crit +12, increases crit damage by 25% and gives 20% after cast delay when it's at +11. On top of that, you can get ATK, ATK%, crit damage, damage vs normal monsters or damage vs boss. There are a lot of very powerful options.

Shadow Gear

We don't have many options right now, use the class set.


 Dark Pinguicula
 Purple Ferus
 Seyren Windsor
 Corrupted Wanderer
 Abysmal Knight
 Racist cards (Like hydra for example)
 Vicious Cookie
 Blut Hase
 Geffen Bully
 Shotgun Buffalo Bandit
 Revolver Buffalo Bandit
 Gold Scaraba

Of course, there are other options, but these are my top picks for a damage build. If I find more cards that I like, I'll add them to the list.

I also excluded some card slots, because the Peuz set does not have an armor and garment card slot.